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Accounting Interview

30 Accounting Questions and Answers by Bobbi Witt
| Bobbi has been a finance manager for over 15 years, with direct recruiting and hiring experience in her field.

Question 1 of 30

How do you stay updated on all the accounting rules and techniques?

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Accounting Interview Questions

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    How do you stay updated on all the accounting rules and techniques?

      This is a very good question for anyone just graduating from school, as you'll be updated on accounting principles, rules, any changes, and techniques.

      Experienced professionals will need to demonstrate how they stay updated. This question seeks to learn from the interviewee if they're continuing to improve their knowledge in their field of work.

      Bobbi's Answer

      "I keep up to date by subscribing to Accounting Today and Public Accounting Report, which are magazines following all accounting laws and changes, and break them down. I'm also a member of the AICPA, so they send information on accounting changes that have been implemented."

      Bobbi's Answer

      "I feel very fortunate to have an Accounting Degree from a University that focused on current accounting practices, changes in GAAP and SOX, industry trends, proposed legislation, and bank regulations. I'll continue to stay updated by being actively following LinkedIn Group articles and CPA newsletters, as well as applying to the AICPA as a studying CPA exam applicant."

      Bobbi's Answer

      "I take advantage of PwC, BDO, EY, and Deloitte. They have a lot of resources, and their articles do a lot of the researching for me. KPMG's Alert is a crucial email I review every time it comes in. Locally, I'm a member of the CPAA chapter and listen to guest speakers on a quarterly basis for CPE credit. As a CPA in the state of Ohio (say your state), it's required to take 120 hours of CPE classes in 3 years to maintain a CPA license and stay current on all accounting practices and changes."