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Accounting Interview

30 Accounting Questions and Answers by Bobbi Witt
| Bobbi has been a finance manager for over 15 years, with direct recruiting and hiring experience in her field.

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Give me an example of why you chose this career field.

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Accounting Interview Questions

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    Give me an example of why you chose this career field.

      This answer is a personal one. We can only advise you to be honest about why you decided to join the field of Accounting. Don't embellish or exaggerate because most people can tell when someone is lying or exaggerating. Try to keep it simple and if possible, not a long-winded story about your life.

      This is time for the interviewer to get to know you a little better and a good place to set boundaries if you have them.

      Bobbi's Answer

      "I've always loved Math and when in school, I excelled in it. I've also been highly organized for the majority of my life. When I was in high school, I was the class treasurer and was the first class in ten years where the teachers didn't have to correct my calculations for school dance budgets or graduation party budget. It shaped the way I looked at college and have lived my life."

      Bobbi's Answer

      "There were a lot of influences in my life that led to Accounting. Both my parents were Accountants for the IRS and I decided to follow in their footsteps. I've never regretted it and with their help, I plan on obtaining my CPA within the year."

      Bobbi's Answer

      "I've always loved numbers and formulas. In school, I tutored kids in higher grades than me in Calculus and Trigonometry in exchange for rides and invites to parties. As I got older, I was able to turn that into a budgeting business in college to help broke college kids make ends meet while we all were broke in school. I built my career on my ability to manage finances and time like no one else, which is why I have a strict policy that when I'm home, that's my kids time. Just like we invest in the stock market, we need to invest in our families, which is why I like to know I can be off the clock at least a little every day to spend time with my family."