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Accounting Interview

30 Accounting Questions and Answers by Bobbi Witt
| Bobbi has been a finance manager for over 15 years, with direct recruiting and hiring experience in her field.

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Do you plan on attaining your CPA?

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Accounting Interview Questions

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    Do you plan on attaining your CPA?

      This question is pretty standard. If you haven't considered going for your CPA, you should know the requirements. Look into the state requirements where you live in or where you intend to move. Different states have different types of regulations and qualifications.

      Knowing whether or not you're going to try for your CPA is an important step in the career of an Accountant. This may be a good time to counter question the interviewer as well.

      Bobbi's Answer

      "I'm seriously considering it and have all the necessary college credits and coursework. The only thing I'm missing is the one year of experience working with a CPA. Is there a CPA here that I would be able to work under to get that qualification?"

      Bobbi's Answer

      "When I started school I always knew I'd try for my CPA when I graduated, but I was naive and didn't know how in-depth the process would be. I have all the credits, the one year experience, and have signed up to sit for the exam. Does this company provide financial assistance for taking this exam? Or allow time off to study a few days before the exam?"

      Bobbi's Answer

      "I've worked in Accounting for 15 years and have studied on and off for the exam but to date, my career has not warranted the necessity of that certification. I am, however, open to taking the exam. I have all the requirements and qualifications for it though I'm curious if it is a necessary part of this job? If so, I'd happily sit for the exam."