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Accounting Clerk Interview Questions and Answers
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You may have multiple deadlines to complete your tasks. When have you been in such an environment and how did you handle it?
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I just keep my head down and worry about my self and get down whatever that task might be.
Yes. Until I learn the art of planning and prioritizing I used to run like a headless chicken try o finish 20 things at once. I remember one of the big client in my previous firm requested a set of management accounts early before they are due for bank loan approval and I had 35 vat clients that needed to be done and checked. I firstly allocated hours to do management account and ask a collegue to review it as it short notices and continue do my vat.
I will categorized in term of priorities which are classified as urgent it should be done first and it goes according how you have planned to do it.
I work well under pressure because I use the pressure to help me work more efficiently and I believe it helps me grow. I always worked well during deadlines, and I always learned how to work more efficiently afterwards. Also I maintain self control and work as efficiently as possible. In all my experiences, I did well and I always enjoyed the experience.
Every week and I do my work in time so that it wont be much and if it too busy I remain calm so that I can do my best.
During tax season I was presented with a clients bank statements for the whole year and had to reconcile as quickly as possible and got it done alot quicker than my boss had anticipated.
I work as soon as I am given a task I start so it doesn’t clash with my other tasks.
Gate house, Container Shop - Team work.
My last job, I had to finish some invoices very fast and close bills of clients that they would come to pay the same day.
I have been in that situation before ... Time management .. first thing first...
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