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Top 10 Accompanist Interview Questions
1. When did you begin learning music?
List of Accompanist Interview Questions
  1. When did you begin learning music?
  2. What makes you passionate about being an Accompanist?
  3. Why do you want a career as an accompanist?
  4. What is your philosophy towards work?
  5. What kind of supervisor gets the best work performance from you?
  6. What individual has had the greatest influence on you?
  7. How well do you work with people?
  8. If you could, would you choose a different career?
  9. What motivates you as an accompanist?
  10. Would you work holidays and weekends?
  11. What was your greatest accomplishment as an accompanist?
  12. What is your greatest weakness?
  13. What is your greatest strength?
  14. What are your goals as a musician?
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Accompanist Information
August 17th, 2017

Accompanists are highly skilled artists who provide musical accompaniment for various solo and group performances including choral groups, orchestras, group dance performances, and solo dance recitals. Accompanists must be highly skilled in playing their particular musical instrument. They must also be prepared to attend all rehearsals so they can practice together with the performers.
Established organizations will only hire accompanists who have had extensive experience and who are prepared to attend all rehearsals. Knowledge of music composition and arrangement is a must so as to be able to select and arrange musical compositions to match the performance.
Accompanist interviews are typically held as auditions. The interviewing panel will want a demonstration of your skills and may ask you to perform an arrangement of your choice or they may give you a score and ask you to perform. Impressing the interviewers with your talent is the most important part of your interview. The second most important aspect is how you reply to the interview questions. Confident, compelling answers to questions related to your career in music will help you win the interview and the job. You can find typical accompanist questions at Mock Questions. Taking a look at the questions and answers listed there before going to your interview can be immensely helpful.
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