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Stock Broker Interview Questions

1. Describe to me a recent marketing project you have worked on?
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Exchange currency.

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In the marketing of standard poodles. My gf and I decided to breed standard poodles while I was in college. We successfully birthed 12 puppies. After putting in the LONG hours of feeding, cleaning, training, registering, ext., we had to market them. We designed a webpage, took weekly photos, described each poodles personality, each week they grew. We successfully sold all puppies at market price, by being proactive and creating a demand for poodles.


The latest marketing project I have worked on was on my car rental company.


In my internship I marketed many different thing for different companies for the firm.


As I have work as a retail customer dealer for my profit, I bought a couple dozen of a particular goods and products or a stock and purchase it with a price with an acceptable discount as one of the regular wholesale buyers and then I sold them with a market price or according to situation arouse I try to manage them for my own benefit as I sold retaily.


Deigning phase, product placement, understand the customer.

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