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What three things do you most want to know about your students?
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I want to know what motivates my students. What their interests are, activities that excite them, and where their mind freely roams when not in school. I also need to know how they feel about school. Do they feel it is a safe environment, do they like coming each day, what about school do they like/dislike? The third thing I would need to know are my students academic strengths and weaknesses. These three things will allow me to look at the student as an individual and plan differentiated lessons.
Their individual interest, learning style , learning needs and their background.
What their interests are, what they expect from the class, what their background is.
I would like to know what their family situation is, what their likes and dislikes are and whether their are any diagnosed learning disabilities or issues that affect their learning.
The three things I would most want to know about my students are: 1. Their cultural background, that would include home language and SES. 2. I would also want to know any developmental needs, delays, or areas of giftedness to help plan for differentiation, and 3. Their background or base knowledge on the given subject so I know were to begin scaffolding.