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User Submitted Interview Answers

I am confident hard working I work well as a tem player but also just as good as an indivual.I have very little knowledge in or experience in the dental industry but I have great intentions to take the position and gain experience tothe best of my ability.
I have knowledge of dental procedures, dental instruments and I have the capabilities to adapt to new surroundings. I am competent in operating radiographic machine; an ability to mount x-rays accurately. I provide patient with intraoral health instructions to promote dental care and I assist in managing medical emergencies. I also have thorough knowledge of preparing supplies for making restorations and impressions.
Within the dentistry field, I have very little experience or knowledge, but I have great intentions to take the position and gain experience to the best of my ability.
I completed my Bachelor degree in Dentistry from India and practiced dentistry for 3 years. At present I am pursing Certificate 3 in dental assisting from TAFE
I am a recent graduate of Anthem College, where I received a diploma in Dental Assisting. While there, my commitment to my career was recognized when I earned awards for Academic Excellence and perfect attendance. My strengths include chairside assisting, dental x-rays, and appointment scheduling. I also participated in externship which allowed me to apply my skills in a very high volume, service- oriented environment.
I completed my Bachelor degree in Dentistry from India and practiced dentistry for 3 years. At present I am pursing Certificate 3 in dental assisting from TAFE
Workig toghter to finish a pice of cake.
What are your weakness?
I noticed that some people need to learn how to spell.:)
Low pay and lack of respect.
300 hours in clinic doing several responsibilities.
I have got 8 years experince as working as a dental nurse.I have a very good knowlege and understand of what takes place within a dental organisation,have worked in both nhs and private practices.
Iam a very confident and hardworking person who is reliable and trustworthy.i enjoy working with the member of the public.i work well as a team member as well as individual.i have got a very good knowlege and understaning of that procedures that take place with in a dental organisation.I have also got experince in working as a dental nurse for example dealing with the day to day running of a dental practice,booking and cancelling appiontments,pulling out pts dental records,makeing sure all dental forms have been signed by patient,dealing with patients over the telephone and the correspondance for the reminder for thier appiontments.
Im a single mom whos really trying to make a good life for my son, I dont just WANT this job, i NEED this job. I would not be here to mess around.
Nervous patients.
I have more than 2 and half years expereince in this field which make me a good skilled worker.
I have worked as a co-op student in a dental office. I have experience in dental software system i am able to do all procedures.
I attended a dental assisting program where I learned the basics to four-handed dentistry, instruments and machines, procedures and operating an office. I interned during the course and was hired as a part-time assistant after graduating. I have learned to use new technology and procedures furthering my education and experience.
I'm majoring in pre=dental hygiene at ULM. I just applied to dental hygiene school. didnt get in so I would like to work as a dental assistant until i do get accepted into the program.
I recieved my DA diploma and RDA license 4 years after that.
I ahve been a dental assistant for many years, i am hard working and friendly.
I enjoy working and helping other people and i also enjoy teaching them how to take care of their teeth.
I have been the home maker so far and now that my childre are grown up I want to work and be productive and help community.
Im a very polite and hard working person, always trying my best no matter what, im a quick learner and always complete the tasks that are given to me without fail. I treat everyone the same and give good customer service no matter what.
I have recently graduated from Everest College with honors and perfect attendance.
Im 20 yrs old, graduated in 2009 and oldest of 4.
How would you be an a sset to our practice.
I am a person who strives to perform the best at all times. I love working in team oriented environments and also enjoy working alone. I always put in 110% into my work.
I have experience in four handed dentistry, knowledge and experience in chairside assisting, instruments set up , sterilisation and preparation of all dental instruments.
I have experience in four handed dentistry, knowledge and experience in chair side assisting, training in setting instrument tray, decontamination and sterilising of the dental instruments.
I am 20 years old, I have been in the dental field for 8 months I put a lot of effort to learn new stuff.
I started my dental career about a year ago when I was offered a position to assist in an office also I would learn and grow into dentistry. Since that time I have take dental assistant classes to further my knowledge and education. I know many different procedures in a dental office, front office and back office also lab procedures.
I am 20 years old. I am outgoing person and like to help other people. I appreciate work and consider every opportunity a blessing.
I graduated from a vocational and career training course in Everest college in Anaheim California. I completed my internship in Bellingham Washington at a prosthodontics office. I had a good amount of responsibilities such as taking oral x-rays. I am knowledged in four handed dentistry. Such as suctioning, aspirating and following safety guidelines on not to injure the patient the doctor and myself.
I am soo with graduation and 8 yrs experience in this field.
I went through a dental program at IUSB. I am married and I have a dughter who is 11.
I have always been the type of person who loves being a team player. I love being around people and communicating with them.
I am a cda looking to utilize my skills and education. I am strongwilled, willing to learn and a fast learner. A great team player and I strive for success.
Current student at dats intern at Charleston family dentistry and looking to volunteer at our lady of mercy.
I really enjoy reading, family and friends. Love to swim and spend time with my son.
I went to school in Waterloo, IA at HCC. I then worked at Kimnball and Beecher for 2 years until I relocated back to my home town to be closer to my family. I got a job as a dental assistant at Childrens Dental Center and have worked there ever since. I love my job and I love working with kids but it is just time to expand my knowledge.
I am a hard worker and responsible person.Always my goal is to accomplish multi tasks efficiently and in timely manner.
I like outdoor activities and play team sports such as basketball and volleyball.
I am hard working, reliable, trained to assist the dentist in all procedures in a professional, courteous manner.
I enjoy working with people especially in the health field. This area gives me a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. The Food Bank of American has provided an understanding of how people can get into situations unknowing and there is an avenue of hope, Volunteering there has shown me how a small portion of my time can impact so many. I myself, enjoy reading, fishing, hiking, four wheeling, skiing, snow boarding and living life to it fullest.
I have worked in a dental environment for around 4 years, I hope to be able to progress within the dental industry. I enjoy being around people and being able to work off own initiative. I hope to have a career to enable me to support my family and be happy in what I do,
I am a quick learner, eager to learn, hardworking dependable, friendly and very organized.
I am a single young mother trying to do my best for myself and daughter and go as far in life as God is willing to bless me.
I come from a large Italian christian family. I am married 26 years to Don, who is a wonderful man and have two great children. One daughter Gianna 24 years old, who is a graduate of Cal State Northridge. I also have a son Alex who is an engineering student at Cal Poly SLO. I also love my mom and 3 sisters, and just have great friends as well.
I graduated from The Arizona School of Dental Assisting in July, I completed my internship a week after graduating. I graduated from Horizon High School and worked in a couple restaurants this past year.
A person with right attitude and positive.
I am an outgoing person. I always have a smile on my face even if I'm in a bad mood. I keep everything positive, I don't complain about being where I am or what I am doing.
I have worked as a orthodontic assistant for the past 10 years.
I am happily married and love spending time with my husband! When I am not working or completing school work, we are watching movies, playing games, or spending time with our lovely pets! I love to laugh and enjoy music, singing, and writing.
I am a full time Wife, Mom, grandmother and Dental assistant, I am a licensed cosmetologist. My husband is full time deputy and full time acupuncture student. I love my family and my patients.
I am a mother of two grown children. I have one granddaughter that is two years old and one on the way. I have worked since I was 16 years old. I was windowed when I was 30 years old. I am happily remarried. I love to travel. I live in Saint James, and am willing to relocate closer to the Sullivan area as my husband works out of Sullivan. I enjoy time with family.
I just moved home from Edmonton about a year ago. I am getting married this August. I am currently a dental assisting student with a 4.0 GPA. I will be graduating the program this June. I have years of experience in retail and customer service and I love working with people.
I am happily married with one daughter love to hike and walk my dog. I love to help others and feel good when I accomplish something at the end of the day.
I have some unusal hobbies as such hunting for tupperware containers with a log book inside, playing augmented reality games and meeting new people, miniatures, I love camping with friends I hope to save for a house and purchase one getting this postions will allow me to do that.
I have been a dental assistant for almost a year now. I have worked in a hospital assisting the patients and nurses for 4 years. I love what I do at the hospital, but now my path is dental assisting and I would like to make this a career and not just a job.
Hard working, team player, little experience in da but have great intentions to gain the experience and more knowledge with this position.
I am intelligent, hardworking and curious and ethical.
I went to Georgetown College for education, and went to dental assisting after that and I am in love with it.
I am highly dependable with good work ethics, patient and passionate in everything I do because I want to get great results. Team player, hard worker and a quick learner.
I can start off a bit shy, but it doesn't take me long to come out of my shell. I am a very hard worker and willing to learn more to advance myself and my team.
I am a veteran married 5 children 6 grand kids im 50
Outside of work I like sports and camping I am married and have children.
Well I like dining, going for walks, going to movies with friends, and to help other when I can.
I am well-rounded, great communication skills, thoughtful, hard worker, and great at multitasking.