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Customers can become upset if they wait in line too long. What techniques do you use to calm an angry customer?
How to answer
In the banking industry, keeping customers happy is a team effort. Share that you work together as a team to keep customers calm. If lines are getting longer than you'd like, you can have someone mingle with customers in line, provide chit-chat to keep them happy, and they can check to see what services the customer is looking. Perhaps someone else in the branch can assist.
Answer examples
"When lines are long, I like to ensure that everyone on the teller line has a smile on their face and apologizes for the delay when the customer gets to the counter. Most of the time, a friendly greeting and recognition of the inconvenience are enough."
Specific Answer Examples
Entry Level Example
"Customer service is my specialty! If lines are long, or a customer is angry, I make sure they feel appreciated and heard. Most people just want to know that you understand that their time is valuable."
Experienced Example
"For one reason or another, customers tend to become edgy in banks. I make sure that I always have a smile on my face. I try to remember names as often as possible, so my customers feel important. In the case of an angry customer, it's always helpful to apologize and acknowledge their feelings."
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User-Submitted Answers

Customers can become upset if they wait in line too long. What techniques do you use to calm an angry customer?
I would tell them that I apologize for the long wait and ask how may I assist them?
I would be very nice, and not let there bad day or attitude get the better of me.
I speak very friendly and apoligize for the wait.
We r sorry have a issue r computer.
First I apologize to costermer then I will try to do they transition fast.
I am sure for the wait, how may I help you and when finished tell them to have a good day.
Customers are always right will ask for forgiveness.