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Why do you want to work for our company?
This question can be difficult because it requires you to know enough about the company to be impressed by what they do, and what they have to offer. Prepare for this question through due diligence! Review the company website first. If the company is more service or client focused, you can read reviews of customers and find out about their reputation. Sometimes you can even find articles or press releases to give you a brief on their latest accomplishments, innovations or company culture. Pinpoint the highlights. Know the company vision so that you can easily tell them that your values align. Sharing your knowledge on the latest company related news is a great indicator that you have a vested interest in them.
Answer examples
"I am impressed by your mission and I love how much of an impact you make on the local community. Wining the community Humanitarian Award in 2016 was a remarkable achievement that really stands out to me. In addition to all of this, I want to work for your company because you offer the growth, development, and leadership opportunities I have been looking for. I see a long term fit here which is really important to me."
"You deliver a product/service that makes a difference in the lives of your clients. (Insert organization mission statement or values). This is that type of organization I admire and want to be a part of."
Sales answer example
"I'm really excited to get into the startup space, since I've watched my husband and his company from the sidelines for years and the fun they get to have, while working their butts off, in a brand new company. In Chicago, there are tons of startups to choose from, and I'm really excited about your organization specifically because I think you are disrupting an old, antiquated industry that needs to be changed. In addition, from what I have read and seen, your culture is top notch. The fact that you put such an emphasis on ensuring the culture remains in tact is really important to me, too. The people and environment here seem like a great fit for me, personally, which is the icing on the cake. I have never been more excited than when I sat down to write my cover letter after I read your CEO's story."
Retail answer example
"Your store is a nationwide leader in excellence: you have a strong, reputable, intriguing brand that everyone loves. Your sales are like holidays for many families, and it's somewhere I grew up going and longing to be a part of. I have finally gotten to the point in my career that a move to your organization is not only timely, but it's so important. I know that you are the only business with whom I can grow and learn in order to reach my full potential in this industry. I look forward to the opportunity to do that in such an esteemed business as yours."
Marketing answer example
"It's very important to me to work for a company that I believe in, both the product and the people behind it. I have been a customer for several years and believe in what you're doing, the quality of the product, and the vision you have, as far as an outsider can tell. I know that the culture here is top notch and that's really important for me, too. I know that Tough is one with which I can grow into the marketing professional I am and the one I aspire to be."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you want to work for our company?
First give me something. Then we will talk.
First give me something. Then we will talk.
To take my skills to the next level and to earn a decent living wage before I branch off into a business of my own.
I would like to contribute to the development of my country that supported my university education. i have passion to practice what I studied at the universty and I believe this I a great opporty for me to do so.
I have a entrepreneurial spirit, but financially I don't believe I'm prepared to start my own company; therefore, I feel that I can learn more about the systems and generate enough income in the process toward my own company.
I feel I have achieved all I can through my own industry, it's time for me to see how far I can go on someone else's idea and structure. I hope I can achieve great things and get lots of praise.
I want to work with a team of professionals in an environment where I have autonomy, and collaboration with colleagues that are very interested in the job we are doing.
I want to work for someone as a start because I can take note on how to become a boss myself and I can learn a lot.
I really want to learn how to serve and as well tutored on how to build a career.
To become like that someone, whom all the people know.
I am very flexible and can do both.... Work for someone and/or have others work for me.
I think its more about working with someone.
I enjoy working, and I put 100% into all that I do.
To prove my tallent and efficient a and I want know my capacity of work.
It gives me an opportunity to learn and improve myself.
I don't want to work for someone. I want to work with someone toward the achievement of mutual goals.
I am not working for someone, I am working for myself. It automatically brings fruits for everyone.
I feel I would be able to develope my skills better.
Because I rather be told what to do then have all the weight on my shoulder.
To learn and see how she or he run the business. To contribute my skills, talent to the company.
To grow the business and be able to succeed in life.
To follow in their footsteps so I can work harder to reach a higher position.
To help the economy grow and deliver a service.
I want to have a job so I can support myself and not have to rely on my parents for everything.
Because I work better with someone else then I do by my self.
Being my own boss is a stressful position, to many legallaty have to be completed working for some one gives you the opportunity to have time and earn money.
It teaches me good work ethic.
Because I want to learn new things and working for someone they will teach me.
So that I can learn what they know about the profession.
Working for someone is a way to deal and help someone.
So that I can learn from them, and its lower risk.
It's far more prospering than waiting for some unscrupulous undesirable wannabe from frog balls arkansa....
Preferable to not working.
Working for someone will improve my knowledge and experience, so when I start my own company I would be able to help someone else grow.
I am working for my intrest as common for TATA too but I too benfit like tata does.
In future I would like to open my own business but as a person you have to start somewhere, so working for someone will give me more skills and also generate capital for my future business.
To have the opportunities to expand my knowledge.
I want to gain some experience to someday work for myself.
Because I don't have the skills and principles yet to run my own company.