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What would your most recent boss say about you if they were asked to describe your character?
Think of some words that best describe your work ethic and character. If you are new to the workforce, feel free to refer to a professor from your post-secondary experience or even a high school teacher, or coach. Be sure to include descriptive words that will ensure you are a stand out candidate. Most people, when asked this question, will say they are 'reliable' and 'easy to get along with'. A well-thought and unique answer to this question will give you a better chance at impressing the interviewer. Some great descriptive words are: - Honest - Attentive - Committed - Persistent - Motivated - Tenacious - Respectful
Answer examples
"If my current employer were asked to describe me I believe they would say that I am determined, collaborative, and broad-minded. Also, during my post-secondary years I would hear those compliments from time to time and it was always very encouraging. I was a strong student and am a dedicated employee."
"My professors would describe me as a hard worker and someone who thinks outside the box. I am curious by nature and am always asking questions to better understand a topic or situation."
Sales answer example
"I believe my manager would describe me as persistent, goal-oriented, not afraid to push the envelope, and always wanting more. Actually, he has said as much in front of the entire company when he described that the phone call when we had my salary and equity negotiation as that he was being interviewed and was nervous for the outcome because he wanted to please me and get me on board. In addition, I think he would add that I am always up for the challenge and am fun to be around."
Retail answer example
"My boss would say that I am a people-pleaser who is enthusiastic about my job, the people I care for, and doing the right thing. She would say that I am a go-getter, that I love what I do, and I approach situations with care and tact."
Marketing answer example
"My boss would describe me as creative, committed, and inquisitive. I am always looking to learn something new, try a new approach, and am dependable."

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User-Submitted Answers

What would your most recent boss say about you if they were asked to describe your character?
That I am not a subject matter in any of the courses that they teach.
That I am not a subject matter in any of the courses that they teach.
That I am not a subject matter in any of the courses that they teach.
Hardworking, calm, intelligent, can do whatever task is necessary.
He would say that I am focussed, dedicated and hard working individual.
Intelligent, thorough, precise, creative, talented, and ambitious.
Very attentive, detail oriented but some time a little too detail oriented but conceptually thorough.
Infectiously bubble personally, focus, always happy to participate.
I am smart, hardworking, and personable.
They are the perfect ones who can exactly judge me who iam.
Friendly, self-motivated, prompt, eager to learn and hard working.
She is was good character and talanted.
I'm very on task and hard working.
Calm, pleasant to work with, goes out of her way to complete a task, inquisitive, team player, fast learner.
Most likely, quiet, attentive, inquisitive and intelligent.
Excellent student, quiet, thirsty for knowledge, curious, always does the extra credit, and is well-liked by her peers.
Very outgoing always in a good mood always has a smile on and has a big heart.
Goal oriented, reliable, hardworking.
Loving, kind, caring, reliable.
They would say I have the potential to become someone great because ive always put my heart into anything I needed to do.
That im a hard working, trustworthy, friendly and a very competitive person.
They would say that I am a shy student and I do not say much. I turn my work in on time and I maintain good grades. I am also more mature than most of my fellow classmates.
A hard working man that likes to have work to do so that I can make money.
That I pay attention in class, I am eager to learn, and if I do not do well on something then I try to learn from my mistakes because everyone makes mistakes but what seperates some from other is the ability to learn from those mistakes and to do a better job the next time.
I am an outstanding student im hardworking and outspoken.
Studious, funny, quiet and loud.
I think, I have no idea what are they are they going to say about me.
Asks a lot of questions, even the ones that sound stupid.
She never had a professor, she is gifted.
Intelligent, works hard, asks good question.
I'm quiet. I complete my work and am punctual.
Resourceful and well organized.
Good employee. Has good troubleshooting skills along with good leadership. Will get the job done.
I am a photon. I work very hard to understand difficult subject matter.
My teachers would probably say that I do my work most of the time but sometimes I can get distracted and talk to my friends but some teachers might say I'm not talkative and just do my work in class because I am like that in some classes. They would also say I'm helpful to anyone that needs help on something.
That I am spirited and enthusiastic . I get excited about the possibilities.
Hard working work on time.
I am hardworking, like harmony in relationships with the class and I show compassion and care for patients.
Respectful, pay attention to details, always makes sure that what ever task im given I finish it on time.
Very organized, asks key questions.
I handed in my papers and projects on time.
Detail orientated, inquisitive, eager to learn, fun, dependable.
They would say he's very hard working and gets his assignments in on time.
They would said that I am hard working.
They will describe me as a good student of them.
They would say hard working, proactive, takes initiative, problem solver and a team player.
Works hard and doesn't give up.
They would say I'm a remarkable, beautiful soul and deadline driven human being.
Sincere, punctual, committed, devoted, persuave.