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What does greatness, and success, mean to you?

Example #1
"To me, greatness and success means achieving the goals that you set for yourself. I know the sense of accomplishment when I can make that work, and it makes me feel like I am on top of the world."
Example #2
"To me, greatness is being genuine and kind to others. Success is the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a job well done."
Example #3
"To me, success comes when you accomplish a goal, and that needs to be something specific that you have your eyes set on. I often encourage my team to set specific goals for themselves. Second, greatness ties into that because without believing that you are great, you will not likely succeed and meet your goals!"
Example #4
"To me, greatness is having an excellent reputation and being someone of integrity. Success comes when you achieve your goals."
Example #5
"I feel a sense of greatness and success when I have a specific goal in mind, create a detailed plan, and achieve that plan. What feels greater than that?"
Example #6
"Greatness, to me, means achieving something big. Going over and above the usual goals and hitting a major milestone. Success ties into that, more as a feeling of accomplishment."
Example #7
"I teach my students that greatness and feelings of success come from setting lofty goals, and working hard to achieve them."
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