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Example #1
"I know that you were recently awarded Top Employer in Chicago for the fourth year in a row. I would love to know more about how you earned that recognition. Your company is an incredible place to work, and I look forward to joining your dynamic team."
Example #2
"I know that your company has been around for 15 years and, up until last year, it was a family owned venture. I also read that you have acquired a few of your smaller, local competitors. It sounds as though there are exciting growth opportunities ahead for your organization."
Example #3
"I have performed a great deal of research before applying to work here, and before coming to meet with you today. I appreciate all of the innovation awards your company has won and would love to learn more about the SME grant you recently received."
Example #4
"I am aware that you are a startup organization, focused on growing and scaling in the digital marketing space. I like that your agency seeks recent graduates to join your team, so you can all grow and learn together."
Example #5
"I have shopped at your store for many years and know that your company is always on the cutting edge of fashion, coming out with edgy designs before anyone else. Through my research, I also read that you offer grants to your longer-term employees who wish to gain elevated post-secondary experience. It appears that you truly care about your dedicated team members."
Example #6
"Your company has been on my radar for quite some time, ever since I attended a job fair where you had a couple of recruiters present. At that job fair, I learned that your organization is over 60 years old and that your employee retention rate is the second highest in your entire industry."
Example #7
"I grew up in this school, and my children attended this school as well. So, you could say that I know a lot! Situations of course change over time, and I look forward to learning more about the most recent happenings in this school. I am aware that you have recently added electives such as French, and cooking classes."
Example #8
"While preparing for this interview, I did a great deal of research and learned quite a bit about your company. I understand that you are an industry leader due to the company's leadership and the innovative advancements you have introduced. I noted that your market share increased by 20% last year and that you are forecasting sales to grow by 10% this year. Glassdoor rates you as one of the best companies to work for in this area. The employees I spoke with rave about the work environment and how you allow individuals to perform at their best while providing them the resources they need to achieve their goals. This is exactly the type of company I would like to work for."
Example #9
"I reviewed the job description and website before this interview and know you are a school specializing in (X areas you noticed on the school website). I am particularly excited about (X programs/initiatives) that I saw on your (website/social media pages) as I (X reasons you are excited about these programs/initiatives, such as passion or similar initiatives undertaken in a university or volunteer capacity)."
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