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Tell me something about yourself that I wouldn't know from reading your resume.

This question has been answered 11 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

The interviewer would like to get to know you apart from your resume. You are indeed not obligated to discuss personal matters such as your kids, or relationship status, for instance. Stick with a couple of fun facts to show the interviewer that you are a real person, too. Your answer should be unique so that you are a memorable candidate!

Focus on unique non-work related skills or hobbies. For instance, you might share that you enjoy beat-boxing or making origami swans. Be prepared for the interviewer to stop you and ask you to perform your skill on the spot when it's possible! (This will make you unforgettable!)

Admin answer example
"I am a complete organization nerd, which you may have already gathered from our interview time together. I have created and designed customer personal planners that are downloads which I sell on Etsy. My shop offers me a great side income, and essentially runs itself!"
Basic answer example
"I am an avid marathon runner and have traveled to 10 countries in the last eight years to compete in a variety of races. I am a competitive individual and enjoy keeping fit."
Bookstore answer example
"I am an avid marathon runner and have traveled to 10 countries in the last eight years to compete in a variety of races. I am a competitive individual and enjoy keeping fit."
High School Teacher answer example
"I am an avid marathon runner and have traveled to 10 countries in the last 8 years to compete in a variety of races. I am a competitive individual and enjoy keeping fit."
Manager answer example
"I currently run a meetup group in our city for ultimate frisbee! I have met many new friends this way and always encourage my team to participate when they can. Healthy competition is great for team building, too."
Marketing answer example
"I am a certified yoga instructor, and I spent three months after college traveling and doing yoga. I spent six weeks in Asia and another six weeks in Latin America, and it was a fantastic experience that helped me to grow as both a yogi and a professional."
MRI Technologist answer example
"With pleasure! I have over ten years of experience in the healthcare industry and am interested in growing my career to the next level. On a more personal note, I love to read, go hiking and spend a lot of my extra time volunteering with the humane society."
Purchasing Manager answer example
"I am a shopaholic person in real and I keep on looking for best deals in real as well. My family and friends always prefer taking me with them for shopping for getting the best prices. I believe that the skills of negotiation and my eye for getting the best deals were developed from this addiction and this greatly helps me in my profession as well."
Retail answer example
"I moved here from Ukraine when I was 8, speaking only Russian, and learned English from my Palestinian neighbor who spoke zero Russian. How? I'm still not sure, but we were pals and hung out daily and somehow figured out how to communicate! This experience taught me a lot about the importance of eliminating pre-conceived notions of others based on their background."
Sales answer example
"I am bilingual in Spanish and have some proficiency in French and Italian, too. I also am a huge Harry Potter fan and could pretty much quote each book to you! Are you a Harry Potter fan?"
Stock Broker answer example
"Something that you would not know from reading my resume is that I was a competitive rugby player throughout high school. I feel that this athletic experience really helped me to learn how to compete in a healthy way, and set personal goals."

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Tell me something about yourself that I wouldn't know from reading your resume.
I from standard chartered bank. I have been there for the last six years working as a teller. I have mastered the bank systems, processes and procedures . I work whole heartedly and devotedly. I have a bachelors degree in social sciences economics an a number of certificates.
I am currently a grad student at Texas A&M University with a major in Nonprofit Management and Fiscal Performance. I possess a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Public Health Degree from Argosy University. I enjoy research, cooking, volunteering in the community when time permits. Currently, I am a Red Cross Volunteer and developing a partnership for my fraternity, Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc.
Hello, my name is Julie I am a girl who loves talking, maybe too much. I Love intracting with new people everyday. I enjoy making everyone feel welcomed, and I'm a girl who loves to have fun .
I'm currently a junior at Manchester High School. I participate in marching band as well as concert band. I play the flute and I'm currently in Precalc and Chemistry.
I am tenacious, focused and collaborative.
I am a single mother of 2, trying to make a good life for me and my kids.
I'm just an ordernairy lady with an extraordinary people skill, I'm pretty good and reading people and helping them stay calm.
I'm from England lived in Australia gor 27 years. I love fashion, getting together with family and friends and riding my horses.
I come from a background of customer service jobs. I enjoy helping people and have worked to learn how to discern and meet needs.
I'm honest, hardworking, patient, reliable, creative, friendly...
What is your education or any cerificated.
I am outgoing. A hard worker and reliable. I like to learn new things and advance myself as far as I can. I can work with people or alone. I volunteer with the rescue squad, ride horses, hunt and fish in my spare time. I graduate this spring from high school and plan to attend BRCC in the fall part time while I finish my EMT class.
I feel like I am a very focused person and have always been a go getter. Growing up I was on a competitive gymnastics team for 15 years, and I'm not sure if you know any competivie gymnasts or anything abut competitive gymnastics but it is a lifestyle, not just a sport. From the time I was 6years old I was under a very rigorous training schedule with very strict coaches. My day went school.
Calm collected, creative.
I am a mom, wife and individual who has worked her entire life, and who has always interested in helping others, whether through my professional experience helping entrepreneurs build their companies, or as a volunteer helping families build or rebuild their homes with Habitat for Humanity or after Katrina, or as a mom helping my kids deal with difficult situations as they have grown up, or supporting my husband as he built his own career. I am a life long learner which is why I decided to go back to school for genetic counseling after having a successful career, so I consider myself a motivated and curious person. I find genetics fascinating, and decided that I wanted to combine that interest with my other personality characteristics into a new career in genetic counseling.
I am a shift manager at my current job who is currently going to college. I am a hard worker and passionate about everything that I do.
I am hardworking and ambitious! I am confident and determined. My main passion and hobby is writing and I have been published.
Punctual, friendly, photoshop.
I am 16 years old and I attend a public high school. I am in the 11th grade. I really enjoy cooking and I would love to pursue a career in the culinary arts in the future. I am a very outgoing person who loves to try new things and meet new people. One thing that I would like to work on however, is becoming more of an organized person. I am seeking work right now to gain independence and better my interpersonal skills so I will be well trained when I have a career in the future.
I got masters degree in electrical engineering with specialization in computer network and security, and got CCNA and CCNP in 2012. I worked on different positions from system admin middleware to Network test engineer. I liked network engineer job most. I am working as contractor in Broadcom IT and looking for full time job.
I am trustworthy, passionate towards my work and have the leadership quality.
I like long walks on the beach, puppies. Oh yes, I also am into death metal, fave music type. Solid vocals on the latest evil death nightmare album.
My name is sam I am very innovative and a smart risk taker.
I am a very outgoing person that is always smiling and always willing to make another person smile. I always attempt to bring out the best in people.
I am a sophomore at Luther College in Decorah, IA. I am from Forest Lake, MN. I have a passion for the environment, as well as connecting with people. I am involved in numerous things here on campus, for example, SAC, and APO which is a service fraternity. I also have two jobs on campus, one is working in the mail room, and the other is working for Rec Sports.
Past:I will start off with my Educational Background. I graduated from the B.A.Sc Electrical Engineering program from University of Ottawa in Dec 2014. Present. I am currently the Quality Specialist at Hadrian manufacturing Inc, designer and manufacturers of toilet partitions and lockers. Where I am going now:The future: To be the best Quality Engineer for whichever company I will be at. I am a Work In Progress.
I'm very motivated, I'll give my all for any task you assign me, and I'm a hard worker.
I m a kind of a person who give my best shot to a satisfying level, workaholic, I am reliable, one take for oppurtubnity.
I am a plumber and an excavator by trade I am extremely hard working but also like to have fun I have my wisconsin journeyman restricted plumbing license and over ten years of experience in plumbing and heavy equipment operation and I am also a very loyal person.
I come from humble beginnings in the Dom. Rep. I been in the U.S. Since 2005. I attended to H.S. For two years and during those years I held a manager position in RadioShack. By third year there I decided to take a break so I could go to school and obtain my degree which I did, and once I was ready to reincorporate back to work I was refer by my brother to retail banking in which I reach a Supervisor position. And that was until last 7 months that I had to relocate from NY to CA due to my husband Military service.
I have been working for the Embassy for 17 years. I worked for the Embassy Guard Force for 2 years; the bodyguards for 15 years. I volunteered for the Tackle Team because it allowed me to gain extra that lead to me being a better bodyguard. Since being a bodyguard, I have learned to use good judgement when making decisions and this has helped me keep the people I protect safe.
I am fun, caring, love working with people and kids, love being around people and I am a postive person.
I am passionate do about educating students and have great leadership capabilities and drive.
I am praveen and im from the queen of hills nilgiris I have completed my garaduation in business management through ngp arts and science college coimbatore and im pursuing my pgdbm.
I am a hardworking, dedicated, goal oriented team players who loves to see great results. I dislike unfinished work and I appreciate and look forward to success and progress.
I am a person who focuses on the positive in both my professional and person life.
I love life and everything about it. Each day I try to focus on something good and conduct myself with that perspective. I am friendly, hard-working, positive team player who enjoys working with people.
This is my 17th year in education. I've taught special education for my entire career. I have had many opportunities to perform administrative type tasks over the years. I have one amazing 6 year old son who is in kindergarten this year.
I'm senior admin on dublin team . Ive worked in the company over 9 years experienece in the company working across the 3 channels on phones and processing. and feel that now is thr right time for me to naturaly progress as tl.
I am a person who loves to be among close people who I love. This gives me assurance and happiness to move on.
Family man enjoy my wife and dog. I enjoy playing music cooking. And gardening. I enjoy people and there experiences.
I am an well rounded female that was born and raised in Esteva, I have a son, and I have goals. I love feeling important and working hard to achieve that status.
I'm a Csr rep at Marriott in Solon and have enjoyed my employment there but since I graduTed from icd10 coding class in sept through stark state I'm excited to start a née path in my career so I can learn more and utilize my skills.
I am have over 5 years of experience in quality cleaning and enjoy this type of work.
I am a hardworking, motivational and polite.
I am hardworking, trustworthy and work well with others.
I am a hard working individual with a year of banking experience and 5 years of customer service experience that puts her all into her job.
I am a hardworking, honest person who enjoys making other people smile.
I enjoy being busy. I take pride in my work and I am loyal employee.
I'm a college student, studying sociology and criminal justice I enjoy sports and the outdoors.
I am a very reliable, resourceful, punctual, organized person. I have good communication skills, willing to learn new things, very artistic.
I very outgoing, friendly, hard worker, fast learner and a team player. I can multi-task, and I work well under pressure.
I'm a 19 year old man. Looking to go to college to get my degree in Civil Engineering.
I am a self driven individual that enjoys learning new things and appreciate other peoples views.
Good listener, solution-oriented, understanding, trustworthy and dependable.
Organized, quick learner, inovative, firm, safe ,
I am very passionate about clean energy and excited about new technologies, since I was young ive alwasy been interested in how things work, I would try to take things apart and put them back together, robotics and automation are facinating, how diverse and advanced theyve become. Technology is taking over alot of the workforce, but someone is always going to be needed to fix technology and develop new stuff.
I'm a very friendly person, I'm a people person, very hard working and I learn thing very quickly.
I am anto, basicaly I am from kannur kerala, I am persuing my diploma in mechatronics in nttf nec bangalore, and I am completed my 10th in kerala and plus two also I had completed in kerala it self, in my home father mother one elder brother and one elder sister I have, father is a farmer and my mother is house maker, my sister is doing bcom in native, brother is studying for becoming a parish priest, I have some hobbies like photography, listerning songs, get to know about film making etc.
I am passionate about - helping people be more efficient. asking questions, and building relationships.
I feel like throughout my prior occupations I have been taught by some of the most kind and hard working individuals.
I am very punctual and pay attention to detail I like to help people learn how to advance themselves.
Goal oriented, hard work, self taught, multidisciplinary, team player.
Dependable, energetic team player,
I am aspiring to be a fashion stylist and fashion photographer. I'm an outgoing person and love meeting new people. Ive always been one to make friends easily.
I am a warm, realistic, hardworking friendly person, have a good sense of humor a strict but fun mom of 2 children, engaged to an awesome guy.
I go to Loranger High School and I have been an honor student throughout all of my education years maintaining between a 3.6 and 3.7 GPA. I am also on the colorguard and winterguard teams and we perform for the community, school, and LMCGPC. I have my last winterguard competition this weekend. I did Spanish Club for a couple of years. I like to take the lead when put into group situations and I am a fast learner.
I am a hard working reliable trust worthy individual who takes pride in my work and duties. I am honest worker and a team player.
My name is Emily, I am 17 years old and I attend University High School. I play the flute, I love drawing, I, I love nature and learning/trying new things.
I feel very good about accomplishing tasks and making people satisfied with my work. I like to work in crowded or busy environments and love using my knowledge to solve mine and other peoples problems.
I am a people person who is dedicated and a hard worker and outstanding teammate skills.
I am a soft natured girl and sincere in doing my job I am flexible enough to adopt all the changes you need.
I have always valued work and learning and want to continue to do both for many more years.
I am seasoned, experienced quality assurance and quality control inspector.
Easy to get along with, organized, great multi tasker, good listener.
May name is X I am basically from Y about my family we are 6 members my father work in General Motor.
I am student of my environment and the people that surround me. I am analytical and multitask well within a team or on my own. I love to succeed in tasks and understand the demands required in most situations.
I am a person who is currently between jobs .
I am 57years old have two daughters and one grandgranghter I like going to the theatre, dineing out with family and friends.
I am Safeway. Whatever Safeway wants me to be at any given time. Smart, proficient, any given task I can do.
I am a data analyst and project manager. I enjoy pushing technical boundaries. Aquiring a PhD in Big Data.
I decided to become a nurse because I discovered a passion for the birthing process at a very young age. I graduated from prairie view December 2013. I have experience in medical surgical and pediatric nursing.
Team leader, always on time and good listener.
Retired Marine Corps Officer,
I am an outgoing entusiastic person. I have worked in a lot of different areas dealing with people and enjoy a challange.
A hard worker who brings positive change.
Have been in the hospitality industries for over 25 years, have family, love the industry.
I am currently a call center lead/supervisor seeking a role to better develop my skills in the middle field.
I grew up in ontario and moved here after high school to pursue athletics. I reached my goal of making the olympic team because I am a hard worker and go after my goals. I am kind, reliable, patient, outgoing and friendly.
I was born and brought up in delhi I like to travel and love photography, I would want to go on a solo hike at some point in life, you know, me and my backpack, I am trying to build my endurance to run, ultimately the next half marathon I come across, currently though my aim is 5K. I love cars the design basically the shape and aesthetics, at some point in my life I would want to start my own company after understanding how the industry works and what it requires.
Education work experience professional attributes.
Enjoy learning, detail-oriented, creative, dependable.
I'm a really hard worker.
I am quick leaner and I will work sincerely. I prove myself soon.
I have the skills required for the position.
I have a wealth of experience working in the NHS Foundation Trust.
I am experience in working across various functions, with ability to understand and synthesize complex systems and problems. My background in portfolio and program management, combined with investment and business-case analysis as well as technical foundation give me the skills I need to be an effective portfolio manager, and so it worked out great that this opportunity presented itself.
I am a positive person who tried to find the good in people and situations. I am a hard worker and I have high expectations for myself.
Trustworthy, dependable, hard working and strive to better my skills so I can be a better employee.
Friendly, decent, love to communicate, hardworking.
I am a very independent person but I also like working with others, I am a hard worker.

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