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Tell me about the worst manager you ever had.

Example #1
"Earlier in my career, I had a manager who was not a team player. My colleagues and I did not know how to react to the lack of leadership which meant that much of what we did was self-taught. I always told myself that if I were a manager, I would be a knowledgeable one who would encourage my team to be the best. Although my experience wasn't amazing, I am thankful for the opportunity to learn the type of behaviors to avoid as a manager."
Example #2
"I am proud to say I have never worked with a manager or leader I could not respect or look up to in some form of mentorship. I imagine a terrible manager to be disengaged, lack communication and have a poor ability to build relationships with their team or business."
Example #3
"One of the first managers I had was not well equipped for her role - she simply wasn't trained, so I do not fault her for that. However, she spent her days complaining about her lack of training rather than seek it out herself. I am a major proponent of research and feel that a good manager will find a way to make their position a successful experience."
Example #4
"I'd have to say the worst manager I've had is someone I'd describe as really aloof. He would breeze in and out, was rarely around during the work day and would drop in to take credit for any sales. So, not only was he not supportive, but also he then acted like he was integral to the sale. It was certainly frustrating, but it taught me that I could figure out a way to thrive and be successful with or without active leadership."
Example #5
"I feel very fortunate that I've typically had great managers. However, I had a manager when I worked in the college restaurant that came on much too strong. She felt the need to try to whip everyone into shape and be overly controlling about everything. I'm all about order and following the rules, and respect for new managers or management in general. However, there's a way to gain the respect of an existing workplace without berating employees. That said, it taught me how to interact with someone aggressive and to show respect regardless of whether it feels warranted or not."
Example #6
"Early in my career, the company restructured and promoted someone into a management role without any real basis for the promotion. It appeared that the promotion was on favoritism rather than leadership and management traits. The new manager didn't do anything terrible, but just basically continued being a sales guy who was supposed to be managing and didn't want to. I sought out a mentor and looked to him as though he were my manager in many ways. Through this mentorship, I learned what I valued in a manager and the type of manager I wanted to be. I decided to be level-headed but passionate, knowledgeable but not a know-it-all, hands-off until someone needs intervention or asks for help, and fair. If it weren't for my inexperienced manager, it would have been much later in my career that I found such a valuable mentor, so for that, I am grateful."
Example #7
"Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a bartender. The bar owner was a real hot-head who loved to drink with the regulars. This sociability was fine; however, it often got in the way of his success because he would become belligerent towards the staff and they would quit. He lost a lot of customers because of his behavior as well. I learned from the experience that when you are in a position of leadership, you need always to be aware of who is watching you and act accordingly."
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