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Name one suggested area of improvement from your last performance review.

Example #1
"My boss most recently mentioned that she wanted to start grooming me for further leadership opportunities. She gave me some reading material and suggested a few podcasts to listen to as well. I am working on these materials every weekend."
Example #2
"In my last performance meeting, my boss asked that I start working on becoming an expert on our internal SAP program. He wants me to train our new hires on the program as they come in. I am about an intermediate level now so that it will take some time, but I am already taking some online coursework to strengthen my skills."
Example #3
"My last performance review covered my future growth with the company. We discussed that my diverse skills could be better utilized. We came to a happy medium by adding on a couple of new responsibilities; however, I cannot see them sustaining my interest for too long."
Example #4
"My current boss recently mentioned that my knowledge in the latest social media algorithm updates could be stronger. I immediately enrolled myself in some related coursework which has proven very helpful."
Example #5
"I was recently asked by my boss to pump up my sales a little bit. This role is not commission driven; however, we do have some aggressive sales targets. I have registered for a Dale Carnegie sales course which I believe will give me even more confidence on the sales floor."
Example #6
"My sales targets are always met or exceeded, so my boss recently met with me to ensure that I did not lack motivation by way of fewer and fewer challenges. There is a lot of turnover in our company, so they are extra cautious when it comes to their top performers, like myself. We are working on increasing my budgets so that I am further motivated and challenged."
Example #7
"In my last review, we discussed my taking on some new courseloads so that I feel rechallenged. I have been feeling slightly complacent in my current position because the curriculum changes are strict, and are rarely approved. I have been here for many years, taking on the same tasks, so it will be nice to see some changes."
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