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If you could change anything about your current job, what would it be?

Example #1
"Everyone on my team is very nice to work with; however, our office feels isolated from the others since the accounting department is on a small floor on its own. If I could change anything about my current situation, I would have a more collaborative and modern workspace. I love that your office offers an open-air environment that allows for collaboration between team members."
Example #2
"I am happy with most aspects of my current role; however, if I could change one thing, I would update some of the technology that we use. Our Microsoft package is quite out of date, and some of our equipment is too slow even to handle the more sophisticated programs."
Example #3
"If I could change anything about my current role I would increase some of my responsibilities when it comes to my team. If I had a larger team and responsibilities that included further coaching and mentoring, that would be more up my alley, for sure."
Example #4
"The company I currently work for is a startup. If I could change anything, I would rather be working with a more established agency. Working for a startup was enticing a first; however, now I see that I do miss out on many learning opportunities that I would have if I worked for a more robust company."
Example #5
"The location that I work for is not ideal for my home and school location. My commute is quite long. So, if I could change anything about my job right now, I would have it closer to me!"
Example #6
"The clients that I work with are great; however, if I had a say in it, I would have more enterprise-level business accounts in my portfolio. I am ready to grow and work with clients who have bigger needs."
Example #7
"I love to teach, and there are very few things I would change about my current situation. If I could make any change at all, I would increase the budgets given to public schools. There are some opportunities that our students miss out on which is disappointing to see at times."
Example #8
"My current company has been very good to me and there is very little that I would change. If given the chance, the one thing that I would suggest to them is that they upgrade their operating systems to allow CAD drafters access to their work from remote locations. Currently, there are no programs accessible on a shared drive."
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