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How much do you think this job should pay?

Example #1
"I am currently earning $15/hour and am up for a raise to $16/hour in the next couple of months. My ideal salary is $17-19/hour plus health benefits, which I believe is a fair ask for this role."
Example #2
"I am newer to my career, so I performed some research on the topic, hoping to gain an understanding of the average pay for a receptionist in this area. The ranges I saw were $14-18/hour depending on experience. Do you have an amount in mind for this position?"
Example #3
"Managers in this industry, with my level of experience, range from $80,000-120,000 per year. I am currently earning in the upper scope of that. In my next position, I would like to see a fair increase in my pay but am also more interested in discussing additional perks such as health and dental benefits, vacation time, and more."
Example #4
"I have worked as a freelancer for a few years, so it is challenging for me to determine how much is average pay for this type of role. I have heard a range but would be interested in learning more about what you are offering, as I am sure it is fair."
Example #5
"Most retail positions offer minimum wage plus some commission breakdown. Overall, I currently earn about $18/hour with commission worked in. I would like to join a company that is a touch more generous than my current employer, but that can also translate into work-related perks versus my hourly rate."
Example #6
"I need to be earning a minimum of $150,000 per year. I believe this number to be very fair given my track record of success and the many years of experience I bring in this industry."
Example #7
"From what I have researched, the average pay for a high school English teacher with 8-10 years of experience, in this region, is $90,000 per year. Is this correct?"
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