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Do you consider yourself a team player?

The answer to this question should always be, yes! No matter where you work, you need to be a team player, to help your company achieve its goals. Be prepared with an energetic and enthusiastic, 'Yes, I am!' Expand on this answer by sharing your philosophy on the importance of teamwork and being an active part of a team. Show the interviewer you understand that it takes a group of people for a company to achieve its goals, and you recognize that each person is a piece of the puzzle.


Answer Example

"I recognize that there may be days where I need to perform duties outside of my usual job description to help out. For instance, in my current role, I may occasionally need to spend additional time mentoring and coaching new employees to ensure they fit in with the team. This responsibility creates a tighter timeline for my other important deadlines; however, I see that the end goal is to create a well-oiled machine and that cannot happen without everyone being equally trained."


"I am always happy to help out the team and have demonstrated this in many roles. On numerous occasions, I've covered for other admin assistants to help set appointments for another team member, or taken over someone's accounts for the day. It is an additional challenge and fun to put on a different hat, all while helping out the team."


"It is not possible to accomplish something well without a team. You are only as good as your team, so it is important for me to be an active team player. I am always looking for new ways to bring value and help leverage the team's strengths."


"I would certainly say I'm a team player. I've been in organized sports my entire life, so I know that without a team, you can't accomplish very much. I value the relationships I have formed from working in teams throughout my life, not to mention how much I have learned from my coworkers when collaborating across departments or the hierarchy of the organization. All in all, I know the importance of a team, and I work very well in a collaborative environment."


"I'm a team player. I know full well that the department itself, and the store as a whole, will not run if we are not working as one cohesive, collaborative unit. I am always willing to lend a hand and help out a coworker. Examples include taking an extra turn cleaning out the dressing rooms, working an undesirable shift, or bringing the schedule home with me so I can tweak it to fit the requests and needs of the department. You name it, I've done it and am happy to do it again."


"I value a team environment because talking things out, leaning on each other, and working collaboratively are so crucial to anyone's success. I've always enjoyed most when our sales organization is set up with a team atmosphere. To succeed, you need your pod or teammate to thrive as well. In such a competitive field, you need to put in place some policies to remind everyone that we accomplish together and that an individual's successes can only go so far."


"I am most certainly a team player! I collaborate with teachers, other members of the faculty, my students, and the parent community, on a regular basis. My current Principal will attest to this when you call for a reference. I also participate in many extra-curricular activities as an assistant soccer coach or field-trip supervisor."

Business Development Representative

"I definitely consider myself a team player, although I am also fully capable of working independently as well. I feel this versatility will allow me to excel in this position because I will coordinate with others to reach goals but will also dedicate myself to blocks of undisturbed time when I can place a target number of calls. In college my senior year, I worked on a team in my marketing class to put together an in-depth report and presentation about a marketing strategy that we had devised for a product. I quickly became the de facto leader of the group, arranging meetings and spearheading the project. After much collaboration and hard work, we submitted a report and gave a presentation that resulted in A's. I work well both on a team and independently, and I look forward to doing that here within this role."

Nursery and Greenhouse

"Yes, I love working and collaborating together as a team. There is so much knowledge to learn in the nursery business and it's awesome to have team members around you can answer questions if they have them and vice versa."

Home Health Aide

"I do work well with others and am happy to be a team player. Just last week one of my colleagues was running behind on shift. I finished my work for the day but rather than going home, I offered to care for her last client of the day. It's gestures like this that made work a positive place to be and I am confident that my colleagues would do the same for me."


"Yes! I really enjoy working in teams because I enjoy working with others on projects. Everyone on the team is important because each person plays a valuable role in helping the project come together. When I am working on a landscaping job, I communicate with the team about my observations and anything I notice that could be problematic later on. We communicate constructively about solving issues and creating solutions. When we're done with a yard, it's quite amazing to see the end results. The lawn and the garden beds always look incredible!"

Elementary Teacher

"I think being a team player is very important because as teachers we can grow and improve so much more by being a part of a team. In fact, it's necessary to the smooth operation of a school. We all need to be able to rely on each other. For example..."

Student Teacher

"When I was in 6th grade, I had a phenomenal teacher. Mrs. Jackson was patient with me, even when I did not get the material. She would encourage me and speak truthfully to me when other adults like her would not. I want to bring a part of Mrs. Jackson into my teaching."

Floral Designer

"Yes, I am!"

Legal Assistants

"I do enjoy working as part of a team. I am productive in both a team and independent environment. Do you offer a strong team environment here, or are you more individually task driven?"

Business Analyst

"Exposure to cross-functional teamwork in my current position is common. I believe that when expectations are communicated clearly from the beginning, a cross-functional team project can be very successful. I go into these types of projects with an understanding that everyone has their strengths and limitations based on their expertise and job function. In my current business analyst role, I collaborate primarily with our IT department, as well as the HR partners."

Campus Tour Guides

"Yes! I enjoy working in teams because I am a people person and I enjoy learning from others. I recently worked on a school project in my mass communications class. I liked participating in discussions and encouraging each other as we each did our part of creating an awesome presentation!"

Radiation Therapists

"I am not one for correcting my superiors; however, since positioning and set up is a critical component to successful radiation treatment, in this case, I would step in. Rather than being a know-it-all type, I would pull the person aside quietly and ask them if they thought we could better position the patient. Rather than demanding a change, I would approach it as more of an inquiry."

Interior Designer

"My answer depends on the project. I have passion projects that I enjoy, and I like to do these on my own or with an assistant who understands my style and approach. Those passion projects include working with designers and small business owners on displays and storefronts. When I work on with a small business owner, it is a more personal approach, and I like the one-on-one intimacy. When working on larger scale projects such as commercial designs or hotel remodels, I much prefer to work with other talented designers. I learn so much from the expertise of others, and it also disperses the pressure when it comes to decision making or meeting tight deadlines. For me, the best part of being an Interior Designer is is that no day looks the same, and there are so many ways that I can use my gifts and abilities while also growing and learning from others."

Security Manager

"I have gained many critical qualities while working in team-based environments. There have been moments of isolation in previous security jobs; however, when I get to be part of a team, I am always fully immersed in the dynamics. I like to observe the working style of others and learn from them. I take note of how other people communicate and the type of communication to which they best respond. When joining a new team, I assess where I best fit within the dynamics, and where I can make my greatest contributions. I enjoy the bond that a good team can make and appreciate the trust that we can put in each other. A great team draws out my best strengths while also challenging me to be better. I am eager to learn more about your team and the group dynamics in this Security Manager role."



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