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Why are you looking for a new position?
When an interviewer asks you this, make sure you always keep your answer positive. If you are leaving your position because you don’t like your boss, be sure to phrase it in a more eloquent way. If you aren't sure how, remember - it's always a safe bet to focus you answer on career growth and exciting opportunities.
Answer examples
"Since the company merger last year, the workplace culture I admired so much is no longer there. I am on the search for a supportive and positive environment where I can continue to flourish."
"I am currently looking for career trajectory and professional development which is driving me to leave my current position."
Sales answer example
"I feel that I've reached the highest point I can at my current position. I am exceeding sales metrics, but what I am longing for is a team to lead. Right now, and in the next year or more, there is no such position. Because of this, I need to look for another, better fit that wants to help me grow to my fullest potential."
Retail answer example
"I have been with LMN for 12 years and have moved up through almost every rank the store offers to get to where I am today. I am so grateful to the store, the management, and customers for the opportunity and growth I've experienced over the last decade plus of my life. However, I feel as though I need to conquer the next challenge. I need to stretch outside of my comfort zone in order to truly grow. As I mentioned before, I do not take this move lightly. It is as though I am leaving my family behind in this job, so it is something I have thought about heavily, and I know that it is the right decision: the right time, company, and position. All of these stars have aligned in this one job you're looking to fill and it is calling my name."
Marketing answer example
"I feel that I have outgrown my role here, so I am looking for an opportunity in which I can continue to grow, learn more, and have a bigger opportunity waiting for me down the road."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why are you looking for a new position?
For better prospectus.
I am currently unemployed.
The job market encourages free movement between different roles, its mobility and flexibility which maximises the workability of employees.
I hope I can stay and work 7 to midnight. And want a real full time job.