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What is your long-range career objective?
On-boarding new employees is a time consuming and costly endeavor so the interviewer wants to make sure that this role will be a long term fit for you. Be open with the interviewer about your dreams within this company, on a long-term basis. Share what promotions you hope to eventually receive and discuss what you hope to learn from being a part of their organization. The key to answering this question is to express to the interviewer that you plan to be employed with the company for many years to come.
Answer examples
"While visiting your company website I noticed that you have some leadership opportunities available in a variety of locations. I would love to work my way into a management or leadership role with your organization and would be willing to relocate in order to do so. I really like what your organization stands for and I hope to see a current fit, and future growth, here."
"That is a great question! I see myself leading a small team of like-minded and passionate individuals who enjoy the work we are accomplishing together. I also see myself working closely with a charity to give back to the community."
Sales answer example
"Long-term goals would be a management position, dreaming big would be a director or VP level of sales position, perhaps moving into a customer success director role would be ideal at some juncture. Within the next 3 years, I would look to be leading a small team, but would jump at the opportunity to run a pod in the nearer future."
Retail answer example
"I am in it for the long haul. I have been at my current employer, with the exception of my years in university, for 12 years. I do not take this next move lightly, as I know I am leaving a safety net where I am known, respected, and appreciated. That said, I know I need to make the leap to advance my career and challenge myself. After an appropriate amount of time in this department manager position, I would foresee 2-3 years, I would look to move into an assistant store manager or a floor manager. Ideally, I would absolutely love to be a General Manager of the department store and that is certainly in my 10 year plan. And I intend to do that here."
Marketing answer example
"I currently am hoping to move from content manager, which is really more focused on creation and execution, without tons of involvement in the calendar planning or sales initiatives, into your role of marketing coordinator. In the short term, I want to work planning sales strategies and how marketing can help support those efforts. Long term, I'd like to leverage that knowledge into a Director of Marketing position."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your long-range career objective?
Head of Engineering.
As a Manager in the Quality field. Also with a settled family and social environmet.
Getting promoted regularly and becoming your manager within 3 years.
Growing with the company.
Receiving my promations and having a better start on saves for my retirement.