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Where did you find our job posting?

This question has been answered 9 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

The employer would like to know what methods and resources you are using in your job search so they can determine which of their advertising methods is working best. You can expand your answer to include any other exposure you have had to the company.

Admin answer example
"I've been looking at job postings on Indeed, so I believe this is where I found your job posting."
Auto Mechanic answer example
"I initially saw your job posting on LinkedIn. However, I have been exposed to your organization many times before through your radio commercials and advertisements on Facebook."
Basic answer example
"I initially saw your job posting on LinkedIn. However, I have been exposed to your organization many times before through your radio commercials and advertisements on Facebook."
Electrical Technician answer example
"I was really excited when I first saw your job posting because I have had an eye out for openings in your company for quite some time. Your organization has a very strong reputation and when I read the posting, it described the exact role I have been looking for. I applied immediately and am thrilled to be here interviewing with you today."
Health Information Technician answer example
"The interviewer will typically ask this question early in an interview to see which recruiting method or platform being used is the most effective. When the employer understands what is working vs. what isn't, they can adjust and change to use the most effective method for their recruiting. If you found out about the job from a friend that already works in the facility, and you know they are a good worker, feel free to name drop. Getting a job isn't all about qualifications but who you know. "
Manager answer example
"Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising! A friend that works in your Finance Department referred me here. We worked together many years back."
Marketing answer example
"Zip recruiter has been my new favorite place to look for fresh opportunities, and that is where I came across yours. Before seeing your job posting, I was familiar with your agency through some of your advertising efforts."
Retail answer example
"For the last eight months, I have been contemplating a move and keeping my eye out for the perfect opening. When I saw this position open on your website, I knew I had to go for it, and I am so happy I did!"
Sales answer example
"I heard your CEO speak at a networking event and the company sounded like a perfect fit, so I've been keeping my eye open for a job posting on your site, and now here we are."

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Where did you find our job posting?
I believe we can help each other, my skills as a technician will prove valuable to your company and your company's reputation will help advance my career further.
I have more knowledge about to develop new things for the organization.
I qualify for this post and I am passionate about my job.
I can help you to grown your company.
Am hard work, A go getter, Strive hard for excellent a team player and get along quickly with people and what ever I do I to it to the best of me.
Its your choice I m great hard worker and have to com-pit about any kind of trouble and try to solve it as soon as possible.
I have enough experience, team player and good interpersonal relationship.
Engineering is my passion and I will work hard for this field and I have the strengths that should be really help full for your organization.
U need a good worker.. Who can do good things for your company.
Because the company growth is good with quality.
Because I’m amazing at what I do and every day I’ll put in 110% and I’m better than any other person you’ve seen today or will ever see again…and let’s be honest, hiring me is just going to make you look even more awesome than you already are because clearly, you recognize true talent.

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