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What would you change about your current role, if you could?

Example #1
"I like a lot of things about my current role; however, if I could change one thing I would have my position be responsible for more graphic design and marketing material creation. I noticed one of the main duties of this position involves graphic design which is very exciting!"
Example #2
"I would not change anything about my current role because I believe there are lessons everywhere in situations. As I evolve in my admin role, I would like to see it make more of an impact on the organization's bottom line. I believe that proper organization can save a company thousands of dollars in time and error avoidance, but my current company has yet to see that connection."
Example #3
"If I could change anything about my current role, I would create a stronger line of communication between management and the production team. I have thought about the benefits this would bring the company and would love to be in a role where my ideas and thoughts are more valued."
Example #4
"What I'd like to change about my current role is having a hand in some of the planning that I ultimately have to execute. I sit in on the calendar planning and strategy sessions but mostly am asked to be a fly on the wall for now. 18 months into this job, I want to be able to have my voice heard and be a contributing member who contributes to strategy."
Example #5
"I know it sounds crazy to say I wouldn't change anything about my current job as I interview for a new position, but it's true. The role is as it should be, it's just that I feel I have outgrown the organization and need the next challenge. If I had to choose something, I would say that I wish we had a more cutting-edge inventory management system and CRM. I feel that we have lagged a bit behind the times and have not kept up with industry leaders such as yourselves with the advances in technology in recent years."
Example #6
"I enjoy my current role, but if I could change anything, I would hope for more of a support staff onto whom I can pass the client after the sale, so that I can be more effective in my prospecting and selling, rather than also wear the hat of an account manager. I'm thrilled to see that you all have a dedicated customer success team that would be responsible for maintaining and growing the account after its transition from sales."
Example #7
"If I could change anything about my current role, I would make the classroom sizes smaller than they currently are. It is a real challenge to be effective when you have 35 young students at a time. Currently, I do not have a TA which would also be very helpful. I hear that you have smaller class sizes and offer teaching assistants readily, which is very appealing to me."
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