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Why did you apply for this position?

8 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

Now is the time for you to express your enthusiasm for the company, and the position to which you applied! Express your passion for your field of study or talk about how this role will provide you with the career growth you have been seeking. Be sure to compliment the company and give a strong reason why you want to work for them.

Why did you apply for this position?

"Your organization is a leading player in the e-commerce space. I am an advocate of your platform and frequent shopper of your products. I think I can add a lot of value to this role and am excited to learn more about this online customer support opportunity."

Health Information Technician

"Now is the time to show the interviewer you did your homework. Does the facilities mission and goals mirror yours? Are you excited to work in a facility that has departments you've never worked in? Show the interviewer you did your homework on the facility. Know the number of beneficiaries the facility serves, their specialty clinics, awards they have won and how you want to be a part of the team."


"I want to work for a small company with a family-like feel, just like yours. I have always worked in large organizations where I am a number, not an individual. This 'corporate giant' type of environment made it difficult for me to flourish as a manager and a leader. I appreciate the workplace culture you have cultivated."


"I have been a client of yours for several years now and targeted your company as a top prospect for which I hoped to work, over a year ago. As soon as this position came up, I knew it was right for me. I was excited to write my cover letter to you and hit send on my application!"

Nurse Anesthetist

"Your facility stands out from the others in many ways. I was especially drawn to the clinic because of its reputation for offering advanced education opportunities, and the many benefits available for staff including childcare and gym membership. I absolutely see a strong, long term fit here."

Pediatric Nurse

"I've applied to this position because it compliments my education and experience perfectly. The fact that it is walking distance from my home is an added perk!"


"I have shopped here since I was a little girl. My grandma used to take me here, and it's where I bought my grad dress! To come full circle and work here in the very same department all these years later would be not only exciting for me, but very special. Your store means something to me personally, and I would do everything in my power to make it successful and continue to make special memories for others!"


"I have been looking for a high-growth startup for quite a while, and your company is what I've been seeking in a work environment. You value your people and have an awesome culture centered around achievement, growth, and accountability. You are disrupting an industry that needs some shaking up, and you have science that is allowing that disruption. The energy in here is contagious, which only make me even more excited about the opportunity."

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Why did you apply for this position?
Is the best fit to my set of skills and Is one of the largest companies in thee business.
I have strong appreciation of mortgage field.
Locations it's not to far and im willing to relocate out of state and the free health care for kids under 5
The best fit to my sets of skills and is one of the largest companies.
I applied for this position because it has always been an interest of mine to see what it is like working in a museum, especially behind the scenes. I have always liked the arts growing up and to be a part of that would mean so much to me, especially as a recent graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art.
I applied because I would like to continue my career within the museum industry and, with being a regular visitor to the museum, I feel I would enjoy working here and would fit in well with the team here.
I am a recent graduate of Loyola University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art. I wanted to find work relevant to this degree, so I figured museums were a great start, and I find myself wanting to know more about working in a museum environment and how much it takes to maintain a museum that has been around for almost 105 years.
I have been looking to work for a place with either cultural or touristy appeal for a bit, so when I saw this position I jumped. I feel I meet all the requirements need for the job, the part time hours are exactly what I need, and since art is a passion of mine I can't think of a more perfect place to work.
I think I have the experience necessary to carry out the duties described, and I have a great love and admiration for this museum.
I am really passionate about this institution as well as anthropology and earth sciences. I love the interdisciplinary aspect of the museum and as an anthropology major and someone who spends time reading academic books and ethnographies, such as the book I brought today, I understand the importance of a holistic approach to our natural world, especially as we look forward to the challenges our world faces as we embark on the proposed Anthropocene epoch (epic or epoc). I also have experience working with a diverse group of adults and children, and I really truly believes in acting in the best interest of all with a positive and collaborative work ethic. In short, I love it here and want to help it grow and thrive.
I have wanted to find a way to better help people, and not just stakeholders within a company and Cigna is an opportunity for that. It as an opportunity to help people live healthier lives through my efforts.
Found it very hyped about work culture and Pays in India bangalore.
I like hot topic and I saw you were hiring so I applied.
I have not applied yet. However, I was thinking about it.
I applied because I like the store and the environment in it. Every time I come in the staff look like they enjoy their job and customers are happy to walk in and browse.
I been shopping since I was 15 years old, so I can related to it.
This job fits my experince plus I fell I have the skills plus I just really want to work here I just love it.
I have been looking into getting a job for a year now. I recently turned 16, so I can finally work at the store I've shopped at for years.
I like shopping here and I want to be able to fund my own interests.
I love the store and want to be a part of it.
I saw the opportunity of my local store hiring and I took it.
King is my number one choice for the mobile game industry. King make games that are seriously playful and have a fantastic community and fan base. King is also renowned for their employees to be very happy at their place of work and the team spirit is impeccable.
I think the job is a good match for my skills and experience. I can see myself doing well at the job and I find that satisfying.
7-11 is most growing and popular brand these days.
Seven eleven is one of the respected company in australia.
I heard that it was a great company through friends and also that you guys were hiring and I would love to be a part of the positive environment within this store.
Because the job requirements match my abilities and skills and I am very confident that I will bring benefits to the company and to myself.
Right for me my experience and my ability.
Having lived with a dad and step mom who have been working in retail for my whole life, I feel that I already have a very slight idea of what I would be getting into.
I would like to be in such a team because me myself believe in integrity.
I did so because I was partially raised around an office environment. My parents have worked my whole life, and I feel that some degree of exposure to that environment has prepared me well for a job like this.
I applied at savers because working retail will give me an oppurtunity to expand on my communication skills and will help me further my work experience.
Reason I applied for this job with yourselves is because it is a great chance to expand and learn new skills and I enjoy being around others people not only co-workers but the customers too.
Being a long-term customer I have always enjoyed my experience. I also feel I have valuable customer service skills from my 2 years experience that would be beneficial to the company.
When I saw an opportunity for employment here I was excited at the possibility of becoming part of the team.
I shop in Savers quite a lot and always experience great customer service. I would love to be able to be part of the team in order to deliver the high standard of customer service. I also see that you actively involved in charity work which I see as important and would like to be a part of that.
The main reason I applied is because I see this job as a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and become the best person I can be also I like to work with others and give the best sever ice as I can to the customers.
I believe my work history will help me excel in the industry.
I want to expand my opportunity in sales.
I love working with customers and looking for seasonal work.
Good company encourages workers and care about them.
Working at the CalAcademy would be a dream come true for me. I visited San Francisco/GG Park last December, and while I didn't get to visit the Academy, I absolutely loved the park with all the rock outcrops and gorgeous greenery. It is the perfect gem in the middle of the City. And the ideal location for scientific teaching of the public, and it just seems like a wonderful educational experience for families visiting the park to go to a science museum at the same time. I would be honored and proud to be able to imporove people's lives and contribute to the CalAcademy's mission of Exploring, Explaining, and Sustaining Life.
I applied because I had an opportunity to and I think it will help me further my skills.
Assess the patient first and then call for help. Administer .5mg of atropine. If the pt does not respond to the atropine dosing I would then try dopamine. If dopamine does not work transcutaneous pacing would be the next.
I have heard nothing but good things from friends.
I love Biggby coffee, but even more I love working with people and making them laugh.
Ive always wanted the opportunity to make coffee, and I thought biggby would be the perfect place.
It is close to me and It would be a great job to help me pay for college.
I have always loved coffee. I grew up loving coffee. My parents are practically coffee addicts. I applied here, because I have always had positive customer service and zero complaints. This Biggby Coffee has a relaxing yet professional atmosphere.
I like coffee and I know most of the drinks.
I think the company has great qualities and attributes that I am intersted in and I think I would be a good fit for the position.
My skills and experiences matches with this job role and I believe I can add value to the team.
It is recognized as a leader in the banking industry with a solid training program and they offer a broad range of exceptional products and services. I also like the fact that they are very involved in the community.
I applied to start my career in an exciting field of banking and finance.
I applied for this job because of How relevant it is to my educational background. Scotia is known for their customer service reputation. I feel I would be a great asset to the team.
I was very delighted to the idea of working at top canadas international bank which operates in more than 50 countries where there are over 10000 employes. when I heard about this oportunity I was very happy to get a chance to showcase my skills and experience in scotia bank and help to value add to the bank. In addtion I will be able to srve customers in retail banking. I was very excited to know that this position offers solid training program.
Because I hear that Scotiabank has a hiring for customer service representative position and it was my pleasure to work in a good bank like Scotiabank.
I applied because I believe I will give and an opportunity for career advancement.
You are a growing company and I would like to grow with you.
Not only are you one of the strongest industry leaders but you care deeply about the community up here and have repeatedly gone to great lengths to support, strengthen, and build a positive and flourishing community for all who live here. It would be an absolute honour to have the privlege of becoming a part of your team.
Despite the current trend in oil prices, I still believe there is a strong career to be made in the oil sands industry in Alberta. I also think that working for Syncrude will allow me utlitize and improve my learned skillset from university.
Syncrude is the largest crude oil company in Canada.
I love country road. One of the points that really appeals to me is the level of recognition a team member receives such as allowances and generous discounts.
Fantastic opportunities are provided, friendly staff and good reputation of the business. I generally believe in the products they sell and would like to be part of the team.
Fantastic opportunities are provided, friendly staff and good reputation of the business. I generally believe in the products they sell and would like to be part of the team.
I liked the idea that they are such a long standing business, when many other retail stores have come & gone over the years. It proves that HS must be doing some thing right to withstand the ups & downs of retail.
I applied to Harris Scarf because I used to love coming into the big store with my mother when I was younger and running around and being surrounded by clothes.
I applied because they are a well known and respected department store that has been serving customers for over 150 years. They have a great range of homewares and clothing at exceptional prices. I would like to work at Harris scarfe also because I have heard that the staff are like a big family and it's a fast paced working environment which I love.

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