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What is the most important thing you are looking for in your next company?

Example #1
"The most important thing for me is to continue growing my knowledge in this industry. I am currently not receiving the opportunity for training and growth which has created an element of stagnancy in my current role. What excites me about your organization is that you have continued education programs and tuition reimbursement for pre-approved courses. The fact that you invest in the growth of your employees is amazing."
Example #2
"One of the most important things I am looking for in a company is an organization that values its associate's growth. Companies that are offering internal training and development programs for advancement are appealing. For instance, I am interested in taking more technical writing courses and would love to land with an employer who sees value in that."
Example #3
"In my next move, it is critical to me that I work with a marketing group where the directors encourage sheer creativity, even when it comes with some risk. I don't want to produce a product the same as everyone else. I love that your team has been part of some viral marketing material. This agency is just the place I want to be."
Example #4
"I'm looking for a company that I truly believe in, to have a genuine interest in helping grow it. I'm also searching for a company that has growth opportunities and values its employees, looking for opportunities to help them learn and grow to bring the organization to the next level. I believe I've found this in your company, so I sure look forward to the opportunity to prove that I'm the best candidate."
Example #5
"I want a company that is doing all it can to remain relevant, despite the shift away from brick and mortar stores. I am leaving a store after five years of employment, so I value loyalty given in return. I look forward to making this first in what I hope to be many moves up within your organization."
Example #6
"I want an exciting, fast-paced company that values my talents and will ensure that I can grow professionally. I'm sad at the thought of leaving my current team and company, but there is not an opportunity for advancement on the horizon, so I want to ensure that my next move is long-term with advancement opportunities and continuing education."
Example #7
"It is important to me that the next school I am in had a parent community that is involved and concerned about their child's' learning experience. Without buy-in from parents, it is challenging to gain and keep engagement from the students."
Example #8
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