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What is the most important thing you are looking for in your next company?
The interviewer wants to make sure they can offer exactly what you are looking for in your next position. What are you missing from your current company? What aspects of this company excite you? your answers from these two questions, and you have a perfect response!
Answer examples
"One of the most important things I am looking for in a company is an organization that values its associates growth from within. Companies that offer internal training and development programs for advancement appeal to me over those who do not."
Sales answer example
"I am looking for an organization with whom I can grow. I want an exciting, fast-paced company that values my talents and will ensure that I have a place to grow into. I'm sad to be leaving my current team and company, but there simply is not a continued opportunity for advancement on the horizon, so I want to ensure that my next move is a long-term one with advancement opportunities and continuing education."
Retail answer example
"I am looking for a company that I can stick with for the long haul. I want a company that values its employees, promotes from within, and keeps evolving with the times: I want a company that is doing all it can to remain relevant, despite the shift away from brick and mortar stores. I am leaving a store after over a decade of employment, so I value loyalty and somewhere with career advancements. I look forward to making this first in what I hope to be many moves within your organization and would love to retire, in more than 30 years, still with your company after having moved through the ranks."
Marketing answer example
"I'm looking for a company that I truly believe in, so as to have a genuine interest in helping growing it. I'm also searching for a company that has growth opportunities and values its employees, looking for opportunities to help them learn and grow to bring the organization to the next level. I believe I've found this in your company, so I sure look forward to the opportunity to prove that I'm the best candidate."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is the most important thing you are looking for in your next company?
Opportunity to work with great team, thus exhibiting the skills for developing better technology.
Room for growth, a company that shares its success with the surrounding community,
A dependable, loyal company that I can learn from, grow with and work for many years with.
Stability and growth paths.
Growth, opportunity, and longevity.
Company culture and values, a company that stands by its values and offers the rights cultural fit is vital to a harmonious environment and happy employee, being me.
A company that utilizes my skills and offers career growth.
Contuies educations and promotions with the company.