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How do you feel this position would fit in with your long term career goals?

Example #1
"I feel that this position fits in well with my long-term career goals because it provides the project management piece that I have been missing. I would love to become great in this role and then earn a promotion to a leadership position where I can mentor other project managers."
Example #2
"My primary career goal is to find a position where I can stay long term. Because your company has such a strong reputation for workplace culture, it fits perfectly with my desires for a long-term fit."
Example #3
"I know that this position is precisely the best next step in my career. Not only is the position right, but the company is where I need to be. I am looking or more responsibility and an opportunity to grow into a director level position. I look forward to climbing the ranks in your industry. I plan to take additional coursework on leadership to prepare myself for regular promotions."
Example #4
"My long-term career aspirations are to lead a large organizational effort around improving global marketing. This role as a Marketing Director will help elevate my experience towards that goal. Along the way, I will continue to develop my business and financial acumen to be a more well-rounded leader."
Example #5
"I have been seeking a retail environment outside of typical big box stores. Your brand and brand story resonates with me, and I like the fact that you encourage continued education opportunities for your management team as well."
Example #6
"I feel I have learned all that I can in my current role, and your Senior Account Executive focusing on Strategic Accounts is precisely the role I would have written for myself in an ideal world. I would love to be able to leverage my experience in the industry to help propel your company to the next level. After succeeding in the SAE role, I'd look to move into a management role. From what I understand of your company, you seem to promote from within, and I look forward to proving myself so that I can lead a sales team at ABC Company."
Example #7
"I am, and will always be, a teacher first. This role fits with my career goals because you also offer opportunities for me to participate in extra-curricular activities like being a soccer coach. I love physical activity and have a strong belief in encouraging kids to be active."
Example #8
"I am looking for a long-term fit in my next position. As you can see, I had strong progress and career growth in my previous company. I would love to see the same success with your company. I did notice on your website that you have corporate leadership opportunities. If I could work my way into a role like that, I would be thrilled. Perhaps working in the corporate office helping to develop new menu ideas, or being a corporate trainer for new kitchen staff. I believe there are a lot of doors that could be opened for me with your company."
Example #9
"Ideally, three years from now, I would love to see myself growing into a more prominent leadership role within border patrol. I do see a great long-term fit here."
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