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Top 25 Telephone Interview Questions

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Do you have any questions for me?
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"Absolutely! What are you looking for in an ideal candidate? What type of pain points is your organization currently experiencing? What is the last successful practice your team implemented and how is it going?"
"I've got tons of questions, honestly. My first would be: where is the person who you last hired for this role? What is the typical time to promotion in this role, on average? And finally, what made you decide to leave a job you were happy at to start here?"
"For sure, I have a lot of them! What are the most important qualities you're seeking in a candidate that aren't listed in the job description? Where is the current department manager headed?"
Before your interview, make sure you conduct research on the company and thoroughly review the job description for any clarification you may need on the position. Asking intelligent questions demonstrates to the interviewer your level of interest in their company, and the position. If, for some reason, you are not prepared for the interview, and you need to think of questions off the top of your head, ask questions regarding company culture, traits they are looking for in the ideal candidate, and if there is anything not listed on the job description that this position will be in charge of. Typically, pay is not discussed during phone interviews, so avoid asking any compensation related questions in the phone interview. Here are some sample questions: - When would you like to have this position filled? - How long has this role been vacant? - Is this a replacement search or a newly created role? - What is your favorite part about working here? - What is the company's primary goal for this position in the next 12 months? - Is there anything from my background and experience that I can clarify for you? - What do you see as the biggest change in this industry over the past 3 years? - Is there any reason why you would not move me to the next stage of interviews?
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How many hours per week?
If selected, how long and deep is the training process? Is it possible to be trained in other areas of the process?
What will be your next question.
How long before I can meet w the manager.
What have you enjoyed most about working for LifeLabs? What have past employees done to succeed in this position?
Wee Ones is a company that makes bows and headbands for babies and young girls. How busy are you on a daily basis? Do you sell to individuals and to different companies?
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