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Briefly walk me through your work history. Please include why you left each position listed on your resume.

Example #1
"I began my career, right out of university, with ABC Company. Spending four years there, I was able to triple my portfolio and quickly promoted to sales manager. I left that company in 2009 after being headhunted into a more lucrative role with XYZ Company. I have been with XYZ ever since!"
Example #2
"I am a recent graduate of the Business Administration program with ABC University. I completed my practicum in an administration role within an Accounts Payable department. This experience was a wonderful one for me and a big reason why I was prompted to apply for your A/P clerk position. I come with some solid references and the eagerness to start a great career."
Example #3
"I have held progressive roles in management following my education at Brown University, ranging from Coordinator to Generalist to Sr. Manager. Each career move I made was in the interest of developing professionally and becoming more advanced in my field of expertise. My current company has been acquired by a competitor which is why I am proactively seeking a new opportunity."
Example #4
"After graduating with a degree in economics, I went into sales. I worked my way up through that company and earned President's Club the last two years in my role. During my last year, I started working doing freelance marketing work during my spare time and ultimately was hired on by my current company, who was one of my first clients. I started as an inbound marketing coordinator, and after a year in that position, I moved into my current role as a content manager. The marketing bug bit me, and I am so happy that it did!"
Example #5
"I began at ABC company in high school as a part-time sales associate, then moved to full time after graduating. I worked as an assistant department manager while finishing my associates in fashion merchandising. When I went away to get my B.A., I found a seasonal position at a boutique women's store. I continued to work seasonally there during school breaks, and upon graduation, I returned full time as an assistant department manager at ABC company. My tenure has been strong, despite my moving away for school. I am now looking for an employer who can offer me work that relates closer to my education in fashion merchandising."
Example #6
"I've earned quick promotions across organizations, starting with my first job out of college. Upon graduation, I began with CBA Company as a carrier sales rep. Later, I was promoted to account manager within only a few months. I grew my book of business by over 252% from the baseline that I inherited. I left that position to start as a sales rep at a startup and gained promotion faster than anyone to date in the organization. As an account executive, I closed a deal within 48 hours of promotion, which was also record-setting. I was then headhunted for a strategic sales role at my current business to help get the markets launched across the country. Now, I seek a greater opportunity with less travel. I currently travel overnight 65% of the time."
Example #7
"I have been a teacher for fifteen strong years, earning many awards and accolades along the way including Teacher of the Year, and Coach of the Year three years in a row. I have a desire for my students to learn in a variety of ways while incorporating the latest technology. I am now seeking a new role in a school closer to my home."
Example #8
"I pursued a Bachelor's degree in X at (X university) and upon graduation I worked as an Intern for [X company] where I was responsible for [X real estate related duties ]. Since this internship, I have also gained considerable reception experience working for [X company] where I managed [X reception related duties] and for [X company] where I was responsible for [X reception related duties]. These are some of the reasons I believe I am a perfect fit for your position."
Example #9
"I have worked in an office environment since leaving school 5 years ago. During that time, I have also had the opportunity to work in a commercial environment and education setting. These where important as it gave an insight into the differences of the environments. I feel that this is transferrable to the University environment as the customer service being number one priority is across the board, the efficiency of that customer service is another number one priority and also supporting the University in achieving its objectives by pulling together as a team."
Example #10
"I pursued a Bachelor's degree in X at UCLA and upon graduation I worked as an Intern for [X company] where I was responsible for [X relevant duties as per the job posting]. Since this internship, I have gained considerable experience working for [X company] where I managed [X relevant duties, as per the job posting] and for [X company] where I was responsible for [X relevant duties, as per the job posting]. These are some of the reasons I believe I am a perfect fit for your position."
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