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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?

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The interviewer would like further details on what you consider to be a substantial contribution when you are in a team setting. Your example can come from a previous role or your current one. You can also draw on experience from your high school or post-secondary education if you are newer to your career. Volunteer experience is a great situation to bring an example from as well. Give the interviewer an idea of what you did to contribute, and be sure to mention any accolades you may have received for your excellent contribution.

Admin answer example
"I contributed this year to our company's holiday party by joining the social committee. I thought that my administrative expertise might be helpful, and it was! I found appropriate vendors, compared prices, and eventually booking the venue and caterer. My contribution was significant, and I felt a great sense of pride the day of our event."
Basic answer example
"Last week, our manager was unexpectedly out of the office for a few days, due to illness. We were scrambling to hit a few deadlines, so I suggested that we all meet, divvy up the work, and then meet again at the end of the day to see where we had gaps. In this instance, I took the role of leader, and it worked out well. When my manager returned, he gave our whole team kudos for how well we banded together."
Fundraising answer example
"The interviewer wants to hear about a positive experience you have had with leadership. Think about a time when you led a group either in the work environment or on a business class assignment when you were really proud of the outcome! Start off by giving the interviewer a high-level overview of what you were leading, and share that you enjoyed the experience. Discuss the positive outcome that the group had, and explain that you would gladly lead again! "
Manager answer example
"I contribute to team efforts on a daily basis, as a floor manager. I hold a team huddle every morning, and outline expectations for the day, including my own. I want my team to know that I am also carrying the bulk of the work versus being the type of manager who barks out orders. I am the mentor, the encourager, and the pacesetter in team efforts."
Marketing answer example
"One of our pods was struggling when it came to finalizing the web copy for a client. I overheard their struggle and offered to jump in to assist since writing copy is one of my greater strengths. They agreed to let me join their team for that particular project. It was great fun."
Retail answer example
"Our corporate head office recently introduced a friendly sales competition between all fifteen stores, across the country. The first team to hit $1M in sales would receive a $250 gift card for each of its members. When the announcement was out, I was very excited and created a spreadsheet breaking down what everyone's target needed to be, per shift, to make an equal contribution. By breaking the numbers down, the team seemed less overwhelmed. The goal seemed achievable. In that instance, I was the encourager in the team. I like to bring a lot of positive energy to a competitive situation."
Sales answer example
"In my current position, our team is bonused annually based on overall performance, not individual performance. Being one of the senior members of the sales team, I have a solid idea what it takes to hit a good year-end bonus. I created a sales plan and presented it to my regional manager. He made a few tweaks and presented it to the entire group. In that instance, I was the numbers and ideas guy. We successfully hit our goal because we were all so focused and knew what we needed to do."

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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
How would I invest in Organic Coup? Stock Symbol?
We recently had a stock take ordit where all staff had to be in work for the count unfortunateley we were short staffed on that day so we had to work extra hard and fast ready for shop opening times we all pulled together and motivated one another as this was very early in the morning.
We were Called in overnight to stock out the store because the night crew was short handed my role in that night was a pallet driver I bought out the pallets from the back and whatever the forklifts dropped and unloaded them.
I contribute to a team effort every shift at work, I do the jobs I am told to do to get the shop back to 100% standards after a shift. If I finish my jobs then I will move onto another to help the other colleagues.
In my old job even though it was selling in a sense of when the grand national was on I went out into town in shops and asked to leave leaflets and gave people on the streets slips to fill in and explained what to do and where to go also on the day I was on the shop floor assisting people in filling them out .
At my last employment we had 2 members of staff phone in sick on a very busy day even though I was manager at the time I cancelled my meetings and became a trainee for the other sylists.
At the hotel, we cater for weddings. As one was booked very last minute we didnt have time to sit down with the bride and groom, they only gae us a basic idea. I took the role of leader and designated to specific roles and times of what was happening and when. The wedding ran very smoothly.
Working at tesco I was always part of a 6 person team which was grocery. I was one of two people trained on deliveries and had to back them into the loading bay, unload them, distribute the stock to where it needed to be and then reload the lorry. I also had to stock the shelves of certain isles either by my own intuition or when a manager told me they needed a certain isle working.
I worked in a stables a few months ago helping a friend out on her yard and she asked me to act as head groom for a few Weeks so was in charge of 3 other staff members. I was just given the title to give direction on what needing doing but did the same work as them.
In my last job as a centre assistant in our last ever trading week we had a sale and the shop was extremely packed, all the staff worked as a team working our hardest to make sure every customer was served.
I work daily within a team. At the start of our shift, we see what jobs need to be doing, write a list and delegate people to certain roles. My role was to stay behind the bar as my strength is customer service.
As a manager in childcare I work as a team on a daily basis being in the ratios and working together and setting out daily tasks on a daily basis, following a routine set out to all members of staff including myself and following policies and procedures.
We have a big audit three times a year that requires a lot of team work. Recently when the auditor was in the area of stayed on at work for an extra four hours to help make sure the unit was at the best level it could be, drove to another site to pick up things we needed and offered to lead the audit if needed.
University, doing design theres a lot of colaborative work. We had to make a large scale music video, I did prop- making. Helped other team members with video editing.
University, doing design theres a lot of colaborative work. We had to make a large scale music video, I did prop- making. Helped other team members with video editing.
We enters a group sporting activity I was team captain I lead the group so I had to be the motivator even thou it was hard I pushed all my group through and we finished the race.
I work in a team at my current job. We all have roles and have to work together with great communication skills to achieve a positive outcome. The roles switch but my role last time was to set the tables.
Secretary in the executive board of the law society.
At college, as part of a team of 3, we had to research and complete a power point presentation and present it to the rest of the class. Each of us had a section of the same story we had to research and find hidden meanings, then apply them to the power point and present it to the class as a group, we each had to talk about what we found and explain our findings. I enjoyed working together and supporting the others in our group with their work, and then being proud to present it to the class.
When I worked with CeX, I worked tirelessly with other Sales Assistants during Christmas Eve to deliver exceptional customer service. We were all given specific roles and my role (due to the high sales intake) was to keep the shelves and display cases full and replenished with any stock. When I was needed I would also jump on the tills and provide assistance for the rest of the sales team to serve customers.
Recently we have been working on our window displays which has been very productive in getting customers into the shop as well as the sale of items displayed. My role was to help decide on the items we displayed, advice on what was selling well and what we needed to promote, look for appropriate items related to the current themes and display them in an interesting manner. This included going outside to see the display as a potential customer and inviting comments from customers.
I recently worked in royal mail, most of the night consisted in individual work however at the end of the night we would have a meeting about the amount of mail we had processed. I would then take orders from managers to label, pack and load mail into delivery lorries.
In school, there are these themed learning days at the end of most terms. During one of them, representatives from BP gas were there to simulate the oil trading market. Everyone was organised into groups which competed against each other to get the most money by the end of it. Allocated roles, team leader, etc.
I have always worked well in a team. In my last job I was always at hand to help the others, be it helping because the food orders were getting behind or jumping on the till to help with drinks.
I currently volunteer and I feel I contribute in a team.
Have always worked in the team, beiing the active participant or as a team leader, so it has been always been the team work contribution towards achieving the success.
At my old job, I made sure that every customer left happy and content and helped sort any queries or worries they had.
The last time I contributed to a team effort would be th fashion show I did in April and my role was to hand out drinks specifically Starbucks and ticket takes to make sure everything went smoothly.
During my volunteer services and my role was to Wash all the dishes with one other volunteer because one had not showed, my role was a team encourager.
While at school I'm in group projects which other students in the class. My role in the team is usually the one to make sure we're all at out A game and we all reach our goals.
The time I delevered excellent service is when I was helping out my tio at his restaurant and I would make sure they were satisfied with there meal. Excellent customer service is when you they don't have to ask but you offer.
In school when we do projects and I usually set it up and lay out the rules.
Recently my family had a woman move in with us to help with the rent, and because she needed a place to stay. We all had to work together to clean out the room she would stay in as well as the rest of the house and I contributed to that by finishing the room once everyone was already tired and ready for bed.
On tuesday I was one of the team leader's and made sure everyone was understanding what they had to do.
When I was working at open supermarket, my role was being a trainee where I was training other people who wanted to be cashiers.
When you work at News journal every one has to work together. My role was to make sure the inserts get in the machine and make a complete paper, timely.
In 2009, when I mobilized my team to promote our product and services.
I make sure price were put correctly depending at their size and style.
In 2010 @ Della Business Services Ph, where I worked, I mobilized my team to promote our product and services.
In 2009 when I mobolized my team to promote our products and services.
For my extracarricular school activity I am on the soccer team. My role as a teammate is to be responsible and show up to all games and practice unless emergencies come up.
This morning, Ihelped my friend print her assignment for her as she was running late for class she emailed it to me because I was at the library already at that time.
Going on a college visit and helping the students to be focused and take pictures of the stuff that interest them.
I make sure price were put correctly depending at their size and style.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was working at McDonald's, working in the drive through there will be 3 people and we have to keep our times low, so if I see someone on my team struggling I try to help them out and work together so we can get the job done efficiently.
The last time I contributed to team effort was when I was in Hair school, I conducted a group study session in order for us to pass our test. I had a series of questions with the answers and we took turns asking the different questions to eachother.
Working on a school project, I took the lead and helped everyone so we can all succed.
Softball, I play 3rd base.
I was a second in charge for my superviser who was off I had to take charge of all his responsibility.
The time I waz in grade 10 at high school and I waz a team leader.
In all my place of work.. Am always the team leader. Though I always start from serving straight up to being the leader in couple of months due to my great ability and work force.
We had a quota to solicit credit accounts at Christmas and I did solicit quite a few new accounts.
I've never contributed to anything before.
The previous year, and I was an assistant.
When I was in school and gathering resarch and presenting what I gathered.
I was on a group project in a class recently, I gathered information and collaborated with my team and we compromised. Our project was actually the winning one, I was very proud of that.
Last time I contributed to a team effort was at my last job. Answering phone calls and satisfying clients daily.
I worked at a warehouse, when it was slow, I would help the box makers as long as I could, before more orders dropped.
In my concurrent job we have feedback system and we was all working to get 50 a day and I was the feedback captain and I had to make sure everyone gets a least 5
Daily basis. Leading the team to completing weekly tasks. Delegating tasks and also working as part of the team.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was in my previous job. At the closing of shifts, we were each designated a role to make sure closing went smoothly and the store was clean and tidy for the next days staff. I switched between different responsibilities each night so each of us had a fair amount of work in each role. Each role consisted of cleaning duties, such as vacuuming, sweeping, facing product, etc.
Dance class had to guide people behind me.
When my shop gets very busy and messy it is the most time me and my team work together to make things right for example making sure every customer gets out attention and cleaning the store to make it presentable also whenever we have an unhappy customer and one of us doesn't know how to handle them one of us will help them because we all have different skills and like to put them together.
Every day at my current job. We are constantly put into a position Where we have to help each other out and make sure we keep the party flowing and keep our party happy.
The last time I contributed in a team effort was a month ago. My role was to organize different events that people can take part in.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was when I had to practice saving someone during training when I was a lifeguard.
I organized who is incharge of which tasks, and normally put myself with the hard or more important role. Then double check everyone work before saying its done.
I was a senior fashion designer in last April 2015
I contribute to a team effort every time I work. I help pick up or close a department when they need time to get it ready I back up on the registers to keep our customers happy so they a get a quick and happy check out experience and I was either a leader or a helper.
I was part of AIESEC Western's Marketing and Communication team this past school year. I was a general member from September-December and then became Director of On-Campus Marketing January to March. I was in charge of managing a small team where we focused on how to promote AIESEC's exchange programs to the students of Western University.
About a year ago. My role was to assist the lead.
I played 3rd soccer in Mexico, I was the captain of the team, no one believe on us and we got to playoffs.
My research program; we did consistent preparations for debates and worked together to finish projects.
My research program; we did consistent preparations for debates and worked together to finish projects.
Everyday . I'm a motivated team member that contributes to every project and task .
2 weeks ago at my former job, forever 21, we work as a team when on the floor as sales associates.
Last time I contributed to an team effort was at my last Job we all had to make a goal for our email captures and daily sales, My role was a cashier.
Sales associate, I worked within a team with my old sales team which consisted of 3 on my counter, we was always short staffed so we would pick up extra shifts, help cover other positions, pick up responsibilities.
The last time I contributed in an team effort was my job 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Day. I had to help with organizing the day and the walk and also helped collect money so we can give it to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Right now I work at Rw and co as fashion associate . My job is to make a friendly environment for our customers and help them to get what they needs.
Being a barista you have to work as a team in order to accomplish our goal especially during a rush we all agreed on what each of our job was in order to succeed and not get in each others way.
Soccer and I was captain, so I always had a smile, always full of joy and I was always really good with my teammates; on and off the field.
At my job we always worked as a team to get off the wait!
I am part of an organization back at school who helps to send kids to camps in the summer and we held our first complex event and as an officer I had the role of signing people in and directing them to where they need to be but things got a bit chatioc as the presidents were not yet there so I was tasked with directing council members with tasks and continue with my role.
I worked at myer and we had to help custumers clear the stock.
In previous jobs I worked in a team I am part of a sorting group with Australia post and if you do not work as a team then work would take longer to accomplish.
When working together with other staff we work well to combine to assist each other in helping shampoo clients or anwer phone make sure stock up to date cleaning.
Working as an events assistant required a lot of team work. As work was allocated per group which required team work, so work can be finished on time.
It was a Uni assignment. We had equal parts of the assignment to do, and I took on the role of splitting the parts up equally then getting a generator to randomly assign it to the member in the group and me, so it was fair that way.
Contribute daily to a team effort in family, but professinally speaking It would have been when I was employed at mcdonalds about 4 years ago. I would organise the food while others took orders and vice versa.
I contribute to team effort at uni in discussions and presentations and previously in work in reaching team sales targets and leadership at work.
At the old job, daily challenges in terms of meeting target times and not running out of stock.
We had a group assignment between 3 people. I took charge if the group and distrbuted the information evoyone had to reasearch and the complied it all together.
I have done a lot of community service in my four years of high school which involved communication, enthusiasm, and drive.
We had to sell so many phone by the end of the day and also sell so many modems so we divided the two teams one team doing phones the other modems, I sold the most phones.
Using the lets work together attitude me working the hardest. As after hours cleaning when the people responsible did not show up.
Two years ago in car detailing and it was busy day for us and we were just two pesons and I did help wi my friend in doing buff the cars and wash it for them too.
I always tray to help my team.
Earlier this morning, I was part of a 3 person team to serve the whole hospital in a timely manner.
Every day at my former company was a team effort and I was the organizer of floor plan procedures.
Every day, I am always running my shifts with lots of communication.

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