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When have you been on a team project that failed? What did you learn from that experience?
We all experience perceived fails in our career. This is nothing to be embarrassed about so do not hesitate to describe a failure you've experienced in the past. The key to a great answer is to include how you learned from that failure, and how you improved your work performance after learning from the failure. Try to keep your example non-critical; for instance, avoid telling the interviewer how your team forgot to order new inventory, and it cost your company $15,000 in lost sales. Avoid blaming any particular person and instead, use words like 'we' and 'team' to describe the situation. Finally, be sure to tell the interviewer that, while you were very disappointed in the group's failure, you took the opportunity to learn from the experience.
Answer examples
"Our team was recently on a project with a very tight deadline. We knew the client and their needs very well which I believe made us go into the project overconfident. Because we underestimated the work involved, we missed our deadline by 3 business days. Thankfully we had a great relationship with that particular client so we were able to recover from the missed deadline. Although it was late, we worked overtime and delivered an exceptional project, in the end. This experience taught me to never underestimate a project and the potential roadblocks. It's always better to under-promise and over-deliver, rather than the other way around."
"In my current position our team was given a new client who needed us to recruit 5 employees. They were very specialized roles and the client was not open to candidates who needed relocation assistance. Our competitor ended up finding the right candidates before we could. It was really disappointing and I believe that we failed because we were looking too much at the roadblocks rather than thinking creatively. We learned from our mistake and our team was more aggressive with our next project."

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User-Submitted Answers

When have you been on a team project that failed? What did you learn from that experience?
Wanting to know why and find the rooot casue.
I'm the type that says well get email next time. But still a little disappointed.
Did not meet our goal for sales. We put ourh ads together came up with ideas on how to improve. Get everyone involved.
Nothing comes to mind but I'd handle any failure with positivity to see why we failed and what either I or the team can do to improve.
I like to look back on all results and evaluate what areas allowed for great results and also where elements could have been improved. I believe in every situation you are given the opportunity to learn, even if viewed as a failure by understanding why the original target was but met you are sure to overcome it on your next project.
Communication at work. Last minute situation. We pulled together and made it work.
It was a very busy day so me and my CO Worker were making sandwiches and salads. There was so many orders and she asked for my help. We made the sandwiches and messed them up. Did the complete opposite but we laughed. It's nothing to get upset over because it happens, things get crazy and then we made the correct sandwiches.
There was a time at my current job when we had to insert 5,000 pieces, but the project did not go well. I was disappointed, but hopeful because we had to reopen everything and start over. The project ended up going out on time.
I try to stand up and solve the problem.
Once we have to build a fish latter and it took lots of time before we got it right. I want to keep trying until we got it right.
I have never been on a team project that failed but I take failure as a challenge to perfect next time.
To take lesson learning in the future.
Try again until we succeed.
The high school culture group performed at a school dinner. The end result, it was less than expected which was a failed attempt at that. I accepted the failure as an attempt at success. The journey to that point was something learnt, and from this I realised the underutilised tool of self-reflecting but also the importance communication and seeking support and guidance where possible. Not just when needing help.
I thank we did not work hard.
I hope fail to succes in one of the project you work in is the starting good journey to next project, that had good plans, objectives, strategies and goals . Therefore, my failure in the first project was the grass root to best plans, objectives, strategies, and goals as falling to plan is planning to fail.
I'm sorry guys for my faulty doing,
Asked questions so it didn't happen again.
Find the reason that has failed the team and find resolutions to become a winning team always... Never neglect them or sound negative.
I was very disappointed but I have make an extra research on how did it fail.
There was this one time we had to reach a sale goal and we failed we were disappointed but that made us looked back and think about new ways we can improve to reach it.
Failure in project, task is always disappointing because it affect business. However project get failed . Minimise impact on the business, take note of reason why task / project is failed and learn from the failure.
Trying our best is motto, failures comes and goes. Focus on the next to give best.
It happens a few time in the previous project that I'm involved in. We have to sit down together and discuss to find a solution. At the end of the day it all when well.
I have never been on a team project where I have failed.
Positive about the coming one.
If it was my fault I will admit it and put it right and apologies to my team.
Being on a New Group project, over 500 plus new applicates. I was just upfront with the sale rep to them them know with notice that the group would not be complete on time like hoped.
I haven't exactly been on a team project that had a failed outcome ultimately but there was a project in which our draft has been rejected by the professor. Despite being dejected, we quickly reorganised our thought process, reviewed possible reasons of failure and came up with another procedure that was accepted by our professor.
If happen, we talk where we failed and start over again if possible.
Failing is never good, but learning from your mistake should help on other projects.
Whilst working at Royal Mail we had targets to clear the mail but at times we failed these targets. I reacted that we would try harder not to fail our set targets next time.