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Tell me about the type of team members you dislike working with.

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How to Answer
You will not always be fond of the people you are collaborating with; however, the interviewer needs to know that any inherent dislike will not affect your job performance. Keep your answer positive and focus on your ability to self-manage despite team members who may drag you down.

"I can get along with a broad range of people, but I choose not to work too closely with those who possess a negative outlook. I like to see the bright side of things, even on the tough days."
"I prefer to work with those who are punctual, reliable, and can take accountability for their workload. With that said, I understand that I can only be responsible for my work ethic, so I do not allow any delinquent co-workers to affect my performance."
"I can work with most personalities; however, I dislike working with others who do not pull their weight and expect others to pick up their slack. It's not fair to the team, and it's frustrating. When this has happened in the past, I have addressed it with the team member."
"As a seasoned manager, I understand that challenging personality types will almost always be present. What I do to combat this is, I get to know those challenging people a bit better, in hopes to understand their mentality or approach. This method of management allows me to find common ground with almost anyone."
"I certainly prefer to work with like-minded people who are go-getters and understand the meaning of hard work. It can be frustrating to work with people who have no drive or are lazy in general, but I ignore them and go about my day."
"Negative people, or those that are challenging to get through to, will be anywhere. You can put me in almost any work situation, and I will find a way to thrive! I am highly energetic which means that my positivity and enthusiasm often rubs off on even the dullest people."
"I have been an educator for eight years which means that I have come across a vast range of personalities with it comes to students, parents, and faculty. I do not particularly enjoy working with people who are bullies or try to drag other people down, but that is par for the course in any work situation. I focus on delivering positivity and encouragement to counteract those who do not think the same way as I do."

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Tell me about the type of team members you dislike working with.
People that will not work as a team.
Team members that are lazy and expect everyone to do their job for them.
I dislike working with someone who just doesn't care or want to be there.
I find team members with lack lust attitudes, negative approaches to work difficult at times but have also devised ways of encouraging positive communication and motivation by focusing on an individual's strengths.
I don't dislike anyone, but I prefer to have communication with everyone.
I don't like working with rude team members. I think friendly team members create a positive environment for everyone.
Team members with negative mindsets who do not want to work. Those that do not make the deadline.
Those that feel you can't make it.
The one that does not want to be there.
I work with all team members. I try to ensure that every member is on board even if one is lagging behind, he/she needs the support of the team.
The team members that I dislike working with is the ones that never flow the dirctions for a porject and end up need o do daboule work .
Ones that refuse to listen to others suggestions, reguardless of how right or wrong they are.
The person who not listened his boss or supervisor.
None I work with any body.
Lazy ones, lol I like to work with pretty much everyone.
I don't want a lazy member.
Some one who thinks theres only one way to do something.
Control freak and people who fail to listen to others.
The one who claims to know everything and boastful.
Complainers, it brings everyone down.
People who don't like to work as a team Rude team members and lazy team members.
I am quit friendly, flexible and always keep positive attitue. There is nothing like dislikeing of any bember as each member are professional and they understand there task which contribute to the team.
We all are very much different with each other but working on same platform, its always better to utilize ones strength and focus on the team rather than self choices.
I dislike team member that are not pro active.
Slackers, under achievers, people who watch things happen and try to take credit where credit is not due.
I use to dislike the philosopher but through, the experience I have learned it is important for everyone to be ready to move forward. I have also learned to value their need to process things.
I don't dislike anybody I'll keep myself busy im nit working to myself I'm sure it will.
Non responsive or negative people that have nothing to contribute.
By commitment and create team building.
Bullies and people who aren't willing to see more than one side of things.
I am worried having to work with team members who are not cooperative, over-individualistic and do not take in the feedback of the other members. However, it may be that they have has past experiences that made them feel they are able to perform individually adequately. For that, it is also good to listen to their ideas.
I have no concern about that.
Team members who dont care.
Possibly members that do not pull their weight when at work.

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