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Tell me about a time when you accomplished a team goal. Why do you think your team was successful?

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How to Answer

You can accomplish so much more if there is excellent synergy within your team! Leveraging everyone's skills and best personality traits can encourage a group to be more effective than ever. Share an example that demonstrates your understanding of teamwork. Some factors that make the team successful are:

- Cohesive personalities
- Varying skills
- Varying experience levels
- Professional communication
- Mutual respect
- Brainstorm sessions
- Clear role identity

Tell me about a time when you accomplished a team goal. Why do you think your team was successful?
Answer example

"This past year, our department came in under budget for the first time in 8 years. I believe that we achieved this through building an incredibly communicative and collaborative environment throughout the year. When everyone works together for a common goal, great things can happen!"


"I am currently working on a client project that has been very successful within our team of 6. We set clear goals and forms of communication right from the start, and it's been a big success so far."


"This year we made a team goal of 10,000 safety hours. We had come close in the past, at 8,000 but this was an exciting new stretch goal. We created a safety mantra that everyone signed. This extra attention to safety and a unified front has made a big difference and made our stretch goal exciting. I have a surprise reward for the team when we hit 10K hours."


"In our marketing department, we made the goal of reaching 100 happy customers in 90 days. This goal meant acquiring a 5-star rating from 100 customers in a row! We all worked extra diligently, and I believe we were successful because we knew it would put our agency on a different service level than our competitors, enhancing all of our portfolios at the same time."


"Our latest team goal was to be the most profitable store for January, one of the notoriously slow months of the year. We have fifteen stores, across the USA and ours is one of the smaller locations, so we knew we needed to hustle. We closed out the month, #2 in the company which, although we didn't reach #1, was an amazing feat considering we usually sat in the #8 spot. I believe we were able to make this happen because we all have energetic personalities, we encouraged each other, and remained focused."


"The key to teamwork and goal-reaching in with my current team is having a clear idea of individual roles. We can all tap into our skills, which are unique from each other, and work where we know we are best suited. The latest goal we achieved was winning the President's Club award for this past year. We were the top sales team in the country. That was a proud moment."


"When we need to collaborate for the sake of curriculum development, or professional development days, I believe that our team works very well because we respect the varying levels of expertise present in our faculty. We have teachers who have been with us for one year, and are new to their career, and also teachers who are close to retirement. By honoring everyone's unique journey as an educator, we work very well together on any group task."


"I pride myself on my excellent team management skills. I truly love working as part of a team and appreciate brainstorming ideas with others and working toward a common goal. For instance, in my last role at (X company), we regularly had to complete several projects as a team, such as (X further information regarding the project). We proved extremely creative and were able to better allocate the distribution of resources and complete the project on a tight deadline."

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