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If I were to put you on a team project today, what questions would you have before beginning your work?

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How to Answer

The interviewer wants to know that you are eager when starting a new team project, but insightful when it comes to your approach. Discuss with the interviewer some of the questions you may bring up when taking on a new project.

Some possible options might include:

- "What is the biggest challenge you foresee on this project?"
- "What are the top 3 roadblocks holding this project back right now?"
- "What time expectations do you have for the project?"

Show the interviewer that you come to the start of a project prepared with insightful questions.

If I were to put you on a team project today, what questions would you have before beginning your work?

"I am more of the type to go with the flow for the first day on a new team project. I want to observe the work habits of others and come into the team with some insight before jumping in with both feet."


"What is the biggest challenge you foresee on this project?"


"The first question that I would ask is, who is working on this project, and what are each of their strengths and areas for improvement. Once I understand who I am working with, I will better understand my approach to the project."


"My initial questions would be surrounding the client who we are working for, and what their end goal is. My favorite questions to ask are, "What are you hoping to gain from this project?", "What is your business' most significant pain point right now?", and "What part of this project is the most urgent for you?" These questions help me to assess how I should be approaching a project."


"Before beginning my work on a team-based project, I would ask you questions about the other team members. I would ask how long each person has worked for your company, what their role is, and what they are best known for doing well. This way, I can join the team in a manner that compliments them, without stepping on any toes as the 'new guy.'"


"If you put me on a team project today, which I would love, by the way, I would first ask you what you are hoping to achieve when it comes to the end goal. To know your motivation, be it financial, customer service, or researched base, would be beneficial information."


"I believe that the best question for me to ask when starting on a team project, would be "What do you expect to be the biggest roadblock to my success?" By being aware of any specific roadblocks, I can focus on the areas perceived to be the most challenging. Sort of like a preemptive strike."

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If I were to put you on a team project today, what questions would you have before beginning your work?
When does the project have to be finished who will be doing a lot and help when you can would there be hope.
I think just exchanging ideas and figuring out what we want to plan out is what my main focus is on the first day on a new team project.
How can we be successful together what can we do to get there.
My first thoughts would be how person's work style is.
Getting acquainted with the team are very important, establishing relations in order to better understand ways of working.
Meeting time, objectives. And individual work loads.
I'm a little nervous because I don't want to do poorly. I want to provide the best service I can! My concern is that I will mess up and I don't want to upset anyone. It would probably just be learned how to do things that I would need to know.
Working together as one there should be no compromise.
Restate the project and restate goals summarize the action plan.
I would explan the project to my team first then gave them the deadline an aske them if everyone undrstand what needs to be done and aske each team memmber what do they feel they can do best for this project.
I would ash each of them their point of view about the project.
How am I doing and wanting to be the best I can be.
I would like to get to know employees and how processes work.
My question will be how to be develop and achieve company objectives. For example to set with them and discuses all the opportunities we have and all the impacts may can come to avoid any risk.
What part can I play in helping us all succeed.
Who is doing what to the car.
How long is the job going to take how hard is the job going to be.
How, what, why, when who.
I can ask to my team if they need some help in that activities.
Safety issues, whats is the plan,
Converging points, first aid kid, fire drill the question wil be how often do you assess risk.
First thing when is the due date, and I will read and understand instructions and make it a point that I work on my project and get it done on time.
I anayalize everything, I weigh out my pros and cons. I just take a step back and look the project and start writing down my concerns and questions.
What my job duties are and how do I know when to switch to other duties.
What goal do we have to set and it's getting reached.
Get to know each team member. What role and which part of project each team member is playing. What is my role and task. What technology, methodology and tools we are using.Does we need any training.
Getting confident, would like to understand the importance of project, time and team members contribution. Focusing on the role I will be playing along with others.
First thing we have to make every team member clear of what their task is, then we shall proceed from there on.
My thoughts are I can probbly end up working in a company like this when im alot older. My concerns are how hard will this be, and if I have the right skills. The questions I have is will I personally be assigned to a store, or do I just end up picking.
Schedule, the parts that the other team members are going to to handle and what our goals.
Frist thing, I believe it would be important to address what process we would be using to complete the project and what the short term and long term goals are of the team.
Making sure we are all fully aware of the project and who's doing what job and.
What each member will contribute, what action is required to achieve successful results.
Excited to start something new. I concern of mine might be just that we are all pulling our own weight. Questions I would have would be, what is expected, timelines, roles which each have.
I would like to clarify the aims and objective of this project, if there are any standard procedures we have to abide by and would think of how I can best contribute to this project with my skills and strengths. I would also consider how the team can best complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.
Figuring out a plan on what we have to do and Who will do what, how much time do we have,
My unfamiliar with the place.
Understanding the project and how to work on the task.

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