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Have you ever had to adapt your work style to fit team objectives?

1 of 25 Teamwork Interview Questions and Answers Written by Rachelle Enns

Updated on June 29th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
How to Answer

The interviewer wants to see that you are open to change and are adaptable. Think about the times when you have had to learn a new policy, change your organization approach, or times when you have had to change your plan for meeting a goal. Talk to the interviewer about how you altered this work style to achieve the team's objectives. Be sure to mention that you were happy to accommodate this change to help the team reach the overall goal.

Professional Answer Examples
Answer example

"Typically, I like to begin my day with listening to voicemail, checking emails, and making a to-do list for the day. The goal of this team was to increase staff communication, so we decided to start each morning with a team huddle instead. This change meant that I was unable to kick-off my day with my usual morning routine. I was happy to meet with the team huddles because I understood that they were helping us meet our goal of improving communication."

Answer example

"In my current role, my boss prefers that I communicate almost everything via email, versus in-person or telephone conversation. This habit was a challenging one for me to get into, at first, because I am such a vocal individual and felt that my written communication skills were not as strong. I am very good with written communication, now, let me tell you!"

Answer example

"Every time I gain a new team member, and my team expands, I have to change my management styling just a touch to fit the new hire. I will slow down my communication until they are up to speed, for example. I want new hires to succeed, and part of that means ensuring they are not lost or falling behind."

Answer example

"As a marketing director, it seems that our team changes our work styling almost every time a new trend hits, or a new algorithm comes to play. When these changes occur, I have to conduct research, share my findings, and then guide the team according to the new release or trend. It certainly keeps me on my toes!"

Answer example

"Every major holiday, I have to change my work style to fit the objectives of the busy retail season. These times include Christmas, Boxing Day, Back to School, and Black Friday, primarily. I find that I need to be extra-communicative during those times, put in a lot of overtime work, and somehow hustle, double-time! It is exhausting, but exhilarating at the same time."

Answer example

"I am typically a lone ranger when it comes to my territory sales role. Just this year, our company introduced a sales trainee program where I had to take a new hire with me, on the road, for an entire week every month. This new program has been good for me because it forces me to slow down and walk through every step in the sales process. Through this, I have removed myself from the auto-pilot setting I did not realize I was on. My sales were always great, but have increased by 15% since this mentee program began."

Answer example

"I have to adapt my work style nearly every day, according to the lesson plan, and how well my students are grasping a new lesson plan. I truly do not mind this as it keeps me creative in the classroom!"

Written by:

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
First written on: 02/02/2016
Last modified on: 06/29/2018

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Have you ever had to adapt your work style to fit team objectives?
I had to adapt my work styles from just telling people what do and listen to thier option as will to comlet the abjective the most efficient way as possible.
I like to be very thorough. Sometimes, due to work pressures and low staffing levels I felt that I have not ben able to spend as much time as I would have liked with patients. However, I always deliver quality care that is safe.
I always start my any work with proper planing and organisation that help me to record everything which I need and I achieve more in shortest time.I think my this working style can fit me every where.
Work as a team and help others as needed.
I have had to learn to value the input of other team mates as I do my own.
I have had to take a lead role.
Absolutely,I use to like to take control of the situation and more through things my way. I am also an action orientated person. I am a doer. I have had to learn to slow down and value the process. In the past when Brain and I use to work here at MSMS, we would be working on a unit and Would start brainstorming and grab something and run with it. The brain would be the apprentice and say he was sure it would work. Sometimes it would be great other time. Well, let's just say those were the time the sun shone on Mr. Gallghers. He has a great sense of humor about it. He watches me fall and pick up the pieces with me. I learned, by taking the time to process how something might work you are able to prevent potential problems.
Yes, when I moved to the.
Well, I have learned new strategies to help me continue processing. For example. I have learned if I take notes or write thoughts down as another process it actively engages my mind. So I do not have the need to get up.
My work style is quiet, focused, and very detail-oriented. As part of a team, I have occasionally had to compromise that particular approach to working.
Of course when the situation calls for it.
I will give them a suitable theme of work that can be easily adaptable to other team member.
I have not been in a work environment as of right now, but I would adapt to where something can be worked out. Also, I would make sure that I would set a good example for others.
I can adapt to different situations pretty well.
Working in pharmaceuticals it was so important to work as a team so mistakes are not made by communicating and helping the team make sure everything is 100%
Yes, I like the challenge.
Yes, not everyone works the same way. You just need to find a balance and understanding of that. As you both are striving for the end result. I believe communication is key.
Firm and polite to deligate a task. Follow up to make sure task is done properly.
Very friendly with coworks.
I'm the type of person that will try to do everything. I've come to realize that sometimes you need to step back and let someone else help.
Listen to instructions of what needs to be done so that can prioritise workload.
Not to over analyse work resulting in being more productive.
Yes, every team is different and will have a different dynamic. I find some teams require a very evently spread workload whilst others will vary depending on the the strengths and expertises of each memeber.
I just kind of find my self in a different place imagining me being there when im not.
Use the strengths of the people around you as a leader you may have to change your role to make the team as a whole better.
In any situation adjustments need to made, I try to go with the flow or increase the pace to encourage high productivity. I usually take a leadership role but I will take any role to finish the job.
It's team work at the end. Everyone should be on the same page.
I've had to bite the bullet then sort of become the team leader.
Changing what shift you are on.
Learning how to be flexible and to go with the flow.
I can contribute and share my knowledge to my team.
Working with multiple people at once.
Little by little I would try something new to fit the team's objectives.
Constantly going back to the drawboard/team to analyze plan and or to reset.
Ive pulled myself away to work alone and spend 15 minutes listing my own ideas for the team objectives. Afterwards, organize with the group the ideas, eliminate duplicates and decide on the main objectives you want to consider.
To give my team empower to be acknowledgement to all of them.
How have you had to adapt your work style to fit the teams objectives?
By adjusting to strengths and weaknesses of other team members.
Consider everyone's opinion and come up with a overall result.
By learning to not be a perfectionist.
I will encorage cooporation among all of us so to ensure well going of the service we provide.
Due to my strong communication skills, I was able to pay attention to my team members and come up with an objective. My creativity also contributed to sharing ideas.
Being more of a listener.
For me, everybody had their own idea to achieve the objective. What I can do is to give and take at the same time.
Been open and ask if I don't understand and come up with ideas.
Having to work with multiple people at one time.
No one is a island. You need to work with people to achieve goals. I therefore eliminate my personal feelings and ensure I get along with the team.
I've worked in a very busy restaurant with 10 people. 3 people waitressing and each of us had our own job in the kitchen so I had to adapt to a fast paced work environment and the most important thing was getting the orders out.
Understanding and ask more questions.
Well while working in a Team, its important of team mates to meet the project or task requirement for which it is important to have a similar work style. No one is same as other in nature so adaptability of carrying a work helps to deliver best results.
Team work is good for us one thing we can complete work hurry and if other partner in problem we can help.
Getting time to learn how they work and how there standard is, slowly slowly by accepting my mistake and my flexibility it will help me to adapt the work syle.
My lifestyle is already team oriented.
I would adapt to changing situations quickly, without hesitation.
To motivate and inspire my team in core values and objectives of the company.
What is the team know who has the most knolage on team.
I had to be observant and meticulous to take note of the likings of the customers at Udders and make new recommendations that would be combinations of their choices and my team's objectives at that point of time was to promote this new recommendations.
My work style seems to have fit with the jobs I've previously had. I'm a quick learner and multitask well.
Follow the rule set for the team. involved in walkthrough and team meetings present on issue, resolutions and project details/status.
Yes when they r assistants I try to be assistant and help them out.
I like to meet with the team, to get a clear understanding on how I can benefit best.
Learn new things or how to do things differently to work as a teen.
Not really. To adapt to my team's objectives I just make sure I am doing my part and put in my 150%
Discussing with teammates and being flexible.
You have to know what you are doing and make sure it is right .
When being a trainer, I had to learn to put mys of in the shoes of the trainee, learn their workstyles and teach them mine.
I have become more involved and personable in order to better understand teams and improve workflows.
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