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Answering Teamwork Questions

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Have you ever had to adapt your work style to fit team objectives?

Example #1
"Typically, I like to begin my day with listening to voicemail, checking emails, and making a to-do list for the day. The goal of this team was to increase staff communication, so we decided to start each morning with a team huddle instead. This change meant that I was unable to kick-off my day with my usual morning routine. I was happy to meet with the team huddles because I understood that they were helping us meet our goal of improving communication."
Example #2
"In my current role, my boss prefers that I communicate almost everything via email, versus in-person or telephone conversation. This habit was a challenging one for me to get into, at first, because I am such a vocal individual and felt that my written communication skills were not as strong. I am very good with written communication, now, let me tell you!"
Example #3
"Every time I gain a new team member, and my team expands, I have to change my management styling just a touch to fit the new hire. I will slow down my communication until they are up to speed, for example. I want new hires to succeed, and part of that means ensuring they are not lost or falling behind."
Example #4
"As a marketing director, it seems that our team changes our work styling almost every time a new trend hits, or a new algorithm comes to play. When these changes occur, I have to conduct research, share my findings, and then guide the team according to the new release or trend. It certainly keeps me on my toes!"
Example #5
"Every major holiday, I have to change my work style to fit the objectives of the busy retail season. These times include Christmas, Boxing Day, Back to School, and Black Friday, primarily. I find that I need to be extra-communicative during those times, put in a lot of overtime work, and somehow hustle, double-time! It is exhausting, but exhilarating at the same time."
Example #6
"I am typically a lone ranger when it comes to my territory sales role. Just this year, our company introduced a sales trainee program where I had to take a new hire with me, on the road, for an entire week every month. This new program has been good for me because it forces me to slow down and walk through every step in the sales process. Through this, I have removed myself from the auto-pilot setting I did not realize I was on. My sales were always great, but have increased by 15% since this mentee program began."
Example #7
"I have to adapt my work style nearly every day, according to the lesson plan, and how well my students are grasping a new lesson plan. I truly do not mind this as it keeps me creative in the classroom!"
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