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Describe to me your method of convincing others to see things your way.

The interviewer wants to see that you have strong persuasive skills. Think about your personality and how you present your ideas to someone else, in work and your personal life. Make sure you avoid words such as pushy and forceful. Explain that you offer facts and statistics and explain the results of your research to back up your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Show that you can influence people through an inspirational approach versus bullying others to see things your way.


Answer Example

"When I would like others to see my way, I am sure to carefully lay out the ways that my idea will benefit them. I review those reasons, collect agreement from them, and then close them on the idea by having them agree that it's the soundest decision or choice."


"If I am passionate about something, and want others to see things my way, showing them my raw passion is the best way to do it. I get excited about my idea and tell them why it's exciting. Like a hype man at a concert. I want them excited about my idea!"


"Facts are always the best way to support an opinion. I will create a presentation, if it's a big idea, and gain buy-in from my team based on all the benefits of the change that I am pitching."


"What's In It For Me? (WWIFM), is one of the first things I was taught in marketing when it comes to gaining the interest of a new customer. If I want others to see things my way, I focus on what they will gain by coming to my side! Works every time, in the office, and when creating marketing campaigns."


"When I'm trying to convince someone to be on my side, I am sure to make it clear how my ideas will benefit them. I make sure as I speak with them, that I make small comments throughout the conversation to get them to agree with me along the way. As they start to say "yes" and "yes" to smaller questions or comments, they begin to come over to my side. Then, I review the reasons they just agreed with, getting another, bigger "yes," and conclude with them making a verbal statement of official agreement."


"To get customers or coworkers to see it my way, I am sure to hear what they want to achieve and understand their pain point. Then, by doing so, I can emphasize the points of my argument that are the most meaningful to their goals. In doing this, I craft a personalized, persuasive case that ensures they will get to the point of "yes" that I wanted in the first place."


"I often have to convince my students to see things my way, which usually involves getting them excited or challenging them in a fun, interactive way. Interestingly enough, it's a reasonably effective tactic on adults, too, just in a more discreet sort of way. But overall, if you get folks excited about a task, project, or idea, they buy-in and do most of the convincing on their own without too much pushing from me."


"When I would like others to see my way, I am sure to carefully lay out the ways that my idea will benefit them. I review those reasons, collect agreement from them, and then close them on the idea by having them verbally agree that it's the soundest decision or choice."


"Last year I made some recommendations to my peers and supervisor regarding a new and more robust composting system at the zoo. Everyone was really impressed with my concept and they implemented my idea slowly over a three month period. The composting system is still in place and working very well."

Medical Transcriptionist

"I would really like to find a position where I can really become established and work for the long-term. I am satisfied with my role as a medical transcriptionist and want to continue along this path."

Study Abroad Advisor

"I usually try to find the best of both worlds, or combine everyone's ideas so no one feels left out. Once, my colleague and I cohosted a forum promoting overseas learning. She wanted to adopt a more formal panel Q&A approach and I wanted to incorporate more informal discussion, games, and scenarios to get the students more engaged. We ended up making a two-part event that had both formal and entertainment aspects and it was well-received."

Water Quality Analyst

"My top skills include interpersonal communication, organization, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently with minimal oversight. I believe that these skills support the position's need for a reliable, well-rounded, and detail-oriented candidate."

Assistant Principal

"I think the most important thing is to listen to what my colleague wants. I ask them open-ended questions to get a good sense of their opinions and preferences about a certain topic. I try to combine their ideas with mine."

Daycare Worker

"In my current daycare, we provide all the food to the children, so that we can ensure no allergy-triggering foods such as soy, peanuts, or dairy come into the center. The parents pre-approve a set menu every three months, so they have assurance their child is receiving the best nutrition possible. I believe the more you can control within the center, the safer the place can be for everyone."

Union Representative

"I have always respected the opinions of my team mates and value their advise whenever there is a need for the same. Because I value my relationships with my team and colleagues, its easy to make them accept new ideas as they understand that I won't be proposing anything that is not good for them."

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