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Answering Salary Questions

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How would you prefer to be compensated?

Example #1
"I am currently compensated primarily on a base salary with the opportunity to earn a quarterly bonus based on the company's profits. I am certainly open to hearing more about your compensation structure as I know every company is unique."
Example #2
"I prefer a base salary, however, if there is a lot of overtime in this role I am certainly open to discussing options such as an hourly rate plus time and a half for any work over 44 hours. What type of compensation structure do you prefer to offer for this particular position?"
Example #3
"I am currently making a strong base salary with a bonus incentive on a quarterly and annual basis. I would like to continue down that path but am open to exploring other compensation components such as commission, etc."
Example #4
"I am currently compensated on a percentage of each project I complete, along with the odd bonus. It is lucrative but sometimes hard to track. I do prefer to know what is coming to me on a monthly basis and am open to discussing a variety of compensation structures."
Example #5
"I am currently paid on an hourly basis, with opportunity for overtime - which I like. Some commission earnings would be nice. Could you share with me what you offer here?"
Example #6
"I prefer to be compensated on a big commission basis so that I can determine how big my paycheck is! I am a go-getter, and much prefer to know that my efforts are attached to a financial reward. I understand you have a solid commission plan in place. Could you share a few details with me?"
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