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What is your definition of hard work?

Example #1
"For me, hard work means that I did what I could that day to exceed expectations. I come to work early and stay late if needed and I go over and above the requirements without hesitation."
Example #2
"To me, hard work means going over and above the call of duty whenever the opportunity arises. It means giving my best to my employer every day."
Example #3
"Hard work, to me, was always taught as the cliche, 'the early bird gets the worm,' which I agree with but I would like to build on. Someone who works hard is not someone who turns it off the moment that person leaves the office, and the minute they return. Hard work is being passionate about your professional goals and the goals of your company, then working every day to achieve those goals."
Example #4
"Many employers correlate time spent with hard work but, as a creative, I know that these two factors are not tied to each other. Hard work also means thinking about projects and innovation when you aren't expected to. Sometimes, when I am at home on a Friday night, I think up creative ideas to bring to work the following week. These ideas come to me through my being inspired to deliver my best work."
Example #5
"I know that I have worked hard when I am not waiting for task assignment, but I look for opportunities to deliver value to my employer."
Example #6
"Hard work for me refers to the mental effort that I am putting into my deliverables. Rather than merely going with the flow, I work hard for my employer by striving to be a thought leader as well. I want to contribute to our process, and more - not just sell a product."
Example #7
"As a teacher, hard work means an unrelenting dedication to my students. I will not cut corners in their learning and will strive to give them the best learning opportunities possible."
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