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If you could teach me about any topic, unrelated to your career, what would you choose?

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    If you could teach me about any topic, unrelated to your career, what would you choose?

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      The interviewer would like to know more about your passions. This question is intended for the hiring manager to get to know you, outside of your resume. Choose a topic that you are very knowledgeable about and be sure that your passion comes through. You could choose a sport, a genre of movie, a book that has recently inspired you, music, cooking, or dance. Anything!

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I would definitely teach you about Jiu-Jitsu, I have had the opportunity to train jiu-jitsu for a year now and it really is something I am passionate about."

      Chad's Answer

      This is a good start! To strengthen this response, elaborate on the reasons(s) you are passionate about this form of martial arts. Is there a particular benefit you have gained since you began the practice? What specific aspect of Jiu-Jitsu would you focus on teaching to the interviewer?

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      Anonymous Answer

      "• I’d teach you about confronting fear. I went to Snowdonia before covid and we went gorging. In that, we jumped into a waterfall from pretty high. I loved it, but another member of our group was feeling scared. He stood on the edge of where we jump for a quite some time, and it got to a point where he had to jump. We were all in the water, and cheering for him, and he finally made the jump. It was through the process of confronting fear, did he see that there was nothing to be scared for."

      Cindy's Answer

      Good! The question is seeking insight into areas of knowledge unrelated to work. Your answer shows leadership (not to mention courage ;).

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