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What are your career goals?

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How to Answer

If this is your first job or several years into your career, you want to be thinking a little bit about the future as you prepare for your interview. Interviewers want to understand how this job fits into your longer-term goals. They also like hearing that you have professional goals!

If you're not 100% sure what career path you wish to take, you can tell them about how you want to develop specific skills that will help you in a professional setting. If the position is administrative, learning how to use software, phone systems, and scheduling are all skills that are helpful when working in any career.

What are your career goals?
Accounting Clerk

"What goals did your most recent manager set for you? What goals did you set for yourself? Think about conversations you had as well as performance reviews where goals may have been set. Be sure to include department goals as well. When asked this question be prepared to discuss 3-5 long and/or short-term goals. Mention the goal as well as the timeline you had to achieve the goal. Then, be sure to mention how successful you were in meeting each goal! The interviewer wants to hear that you are a go-getter and achieve the goals set before you."


"My goal is to start as your receptionist and earn my way into an executive assistant position. I will aim for excellence every step of the way."

Air Traffic Controllers

"I would love to see my career as an air traffic controller grow into a leadership role over time. I am willing to do the work that it takes, attend additional coursework and take any required training to be a leader in this industry."


"I enjoy creating animations and want to grow from a freelance animator to a full-time staff animator. I believe your organization would be the perfect fit for me during this transition from freelance since you have supported many other professionals through similar transitions."


"When answering this question keep focused on what the company can offer you in the long term so the interviewer knows that you are going to stick around for awhile. Tell the interviewer that you can see this as a long term career and that you are happy to learn the job and that you are also keen to pursue further education and even an additional degree to achieve your goals."

Bacteriology Technician

"When answering this question keep focused on what the company can offer you in the long term so the interviewer knows that you are going to stick around for awhile. Tell the interviewer that you can see this as a long term career and that you are happy to learn the job and that you are also keen to pursue further education and even an additional degree to achieve your goals."


"I wish to grow within the company and acquire further skills as a Bailiff. In a few years, I would love to have moved up the ladder, having acquired managerial skills and managing a team of professionals. I also saw on your website that you (X initiative/program that sparked your interest). This is a program/initiative I would also love to get involved in as I am extremely passionate about this program/initiative and believe these will complement my qualifications."


"I want to become a dental hygienist. Working at your clinic, as a dental assistant will give me exposure to the field and valuable work experience to help me reach my goal."

Budget Analyst

"My long-term career goal is to be one of the best budget analysts you have ever hired! I want to add value to this role that you didn't see possible and help in growing this organization. For now, I just want to focus on learning, immersing myself in your workplace culture, and gaining as many unique experiences as possible."

CAD Drafter

"In the short term, I would like to receive a promotion to Senior Drafter. I have also set a goal to take an advanced level GIS course."

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What are your career goals?
Landscaping isn't a passion of mine, but I do use it to find peace. I do not see this being my lifetime career, but I do see myself being involved in it the rest of my life.
Yea its a passion I love it and yes it is a lifetime career.
Yes I live and breath it. I am always learning new things and will do this the rest of my life.
Landscaping is my passion.
I live and breathe landscaping, every home I've bought I've set aside a substantial budget so I can have a nice garden, I view houses on the internet and print pictures of the garden off and do designs to how I would landscape them. I live for landscaping.
I do have a interest in it, I love being outdoors and seeing how its done and the finish product after. It could be a career for me.
Yes it's one of my passions but I would definitely be open to do other designs as well.
I would like landscaping to be a lifetime career for me.
Landscaping is something I could seek long-term my parents have done it and now it's my turn to do it and keep the family legacy.
I love working out side. This will be a lifetime career.
Finish college, and work on medical feilds.
To become a famous singer if a someone else famous sees me and signs me.
Hopefully planning for my retirement in the next 3-6 years.
For now I just only focus on my thesis, after I finish it I will find some event or something to gain money, after I got much money im going to continue my study but not in this country maybe spore or japan or germanny, its depands on my faith.
I would like to gain more experience of the justice system, in order to be able to take on more responsibility in the future.
I would like to establish more skills in knowledge of the law, and even greater communicating skills with all walks of life.
To have a position in a certain club and work in non-profit organisation and charity works and having a great position after graduating.
To work in the human resources department.
I plan to go Germany this weekend my sister and my brother my mother and then myself.
Here, or in another job role of this kind? purely because I like to be around people.
Hopefully working myself up to become a manager for your company.
To be an international writer.
Firstly I want to complete my fashion designing programme then I want to go for masters. After that i've planned to work as an intern uder a good fashion designer.
To improve myself aquire knowlege work hard towards achieving my goals.
I plan to work part-time while I go to school. I attend Cal State LA and I am studying History with plans to be a middle school or high school history teacher.
To study, work, and get motorcycle from my money.
After my career break I would like to gain more experience in arts and heritage, in events and quite possibly curating.
I hope to have gathered enough knowledge and experience needed to start up my own event service firm.
My plans to go out London to my cousin, s husband and her daugther.
In the next few years I hope to be in positions that will give me experience to be a coordinator in a company through marketing and outreach.
Well I want to be well established as an usher.
To start a family and save money up for the bills and family.
My plans over the next couple of years would be to go to college and get a degree I Computer Science.
My carrer is to be a professional soccer player in fifa.
To become the most richest person alive.
I really want to be an athlete or a docter.
I want to become an operations manager in my field during my day job and save enough to invest in my first home to build wealth through real estate.
In the future I want to be a fire fighter.
To grow up with the company.
I want to became a legend in my field.
All of projects that I produce are going to be done on time.
Become an executive producer.
Having acheived my goals.
I hope to excel at the highest level, learn how to manage a video production department and become a video coordinator, then I would like to advance on to director of video operations.
Within Ten years my uiltame goal would be to Work at the Ryder Cup. For me this would be an unbelivable honour.
Create a Brand, inspire more and more Creative resource to make wonders.
What are your greatest accomplishments?
Aircraft maintainace engineer.
I want to become senior cordinator paramedic.
I hope for this to be a life long career plan.

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