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What experiences and qualities lead you to believe that you will be an excellent physician?

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    What experiences and qualities lead you to believe that you will be an excellent physician?

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      Personal questions like this one do require some reflection and the ability to speak about yourself in a way that showcases your strengths but still comes across as humble. Think about why you want to be a physician or what led you to this particular career path. When you answer, be honest while making a connection between your top qualities, life experiences, and this profession. Talk about your values and how these align with the vision of the school for which you are applying.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I know that I will be an excellent physician because I am naturally curious, empathetic, confident, and a strong problem solver. Having always known that I want to be in the medical field, taking care of others, I chose to pursue my interest by volunteering at our local hospital two days per week. My interest only grew as I saw physicians being able to help others live their best lives while reaching their own highest pursuits. I am someone who cares about humanity and ensuring people are as healthy as possible. While pursuing my undergrad, this desire to help others only grew. Now, recently completing an internship under a general practitioner, I have grown my skills in empathy and gained a fuller understanding of the patient-centered approach. These skills, qualities, and experiences combined give me the confidence that I will succeed as a physician."

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      "I will make an excellent physician because I am empathetic, a committed person, and persistent. Volunteering in hospice care exposed me to the emotional suffering of others. I saw one patient who was cheerful and always had a smile when we were playing bingo but saw how quickly that would change when her disease progressed. She became no longer interested in activities and became unable to take care of herself. Even so, her positivity influenced me and I wanted to be there for her by continuing to visit and try my best to make her feel less alone. I was committed to my students while I was a graduate teaching assistant. I made sure that my students could contact me freely if they had issues with the lab course. I was surprised when one of my students at the end of the semester thanked me for my responsiveness as maybe other teaching assistants were not. I am also committed to improving myself. I know my verbal communication skills need improvement. I have worked on this by putting myself into uncomfortable situations, such as being a teaching assistant. Initially, I was nervous and was unable to get out what I wanted to say. Through preparation, I became more effective in conveying information to my students. I continue to work on my communication by volunteering at the food bank and interacting with people from different backgrounds. During my graduate research, I ran into some struggles with my experiments. I would try to find out what went wrong by modifying or repeating the experiments. When I could not figure it out, I would ask someone more experienced, such as a Ph.D. student in my lab or my professor. Similarly, as a physician, I would work tirelessly for my patients, whatever the challenge is, as well as care for them and be a trusted partner in managing their health."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Excellent job with this response! The details you provide and the storytelling are a wonderful touch. This answer does more than tell the interviewer why you will be an excellent physician; it also shows the interviewer your skills in action. Good work!

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