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Why do you believe you will have success at this position?

Example #1
"I feel that I will be successful in this position because I am passionate about your organization's values and mission. I can see your vision and have already drafted some great ideas on how I can help you to get there. My organizational skills will be a major asset to you, and I also bring with me a strong track record of increasing sales and client base."
Example #2
"I will be successful in this position because I understand your business and I will bring the level of organization that you crave for this role. I have created a 30-day plan for getting the paperwork back on track. In addition to this, I have experience in accounts receivable and am prepared to support your AR department."
Example #3
"I believe I am equipped with the experience and know-how to take this role on and be successful. Some of your challenges are things I have helped other organizations overcome, and I will be proud to work for a company that delivers the services that you do!"
Example #4
"In addition to your need for a content writer, I am also very much experienced in social media and its algorithms. Because of this, I will be able to help you maximize your impact on every dollar spent - a factor that you mentioned you are currently missing."
Example #5
"I believe I am the best candidate for this job based on my experience in the industry, as a manager in the same department at your biggest competitor, and my grasp of the industry trends that are up and coming. I have developed solutions to the very problems that you and your team are currently facing, and I look forward to leveraging that experience to help bring the store increased success."
Example #6
"I am confident that I am the best fit for the position because I have six years of supervisory and management experience, following four successful years in sales. Each of those years, I made president's club. I have exhibited excellence in sales, and have had a successful track record as a team leader. I feel I've had all of the preparation and training necessary to excel in this position."
Example #7
"I will be successful in this role because you need a teacher as well as a coach. I have experience in both realms; as a mathematics teacher and a basketball coach. I take my love for competition into the classroom - a teaching method that my students are all very responsive to."
Example #8
"I have trained hard, and for a very long time, to ensure that I am fully prepared to be a strong air traffic controller. I am incredibly confident in my ability to succeed in this role, and I look forward to showing you what I can do."
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