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Management Interview

| Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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What type of goals do you like to set for yourself and your team?

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Management Interview Questions

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    What type of goals do you like to set for yourself and your team?

      The interviewer wants to know more about your approach to goal-setting. What types of goals are you most keen on setting for your employees? Talk to the interviewer about the kinds of goals you find most important to ensure your team is successful.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I put my team's goals into three categories: financial targets, client acquisition rates, and professional growth plans. Financial targets focus on their commercial sales targets for the quarter. Client acquisition rates are the number of new client relationships that they generate. Professional growth plans focus on growing their knowledge base and confidence in a business topic of their choice."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Admin interview

      "I like to set goals related to current projects and future projects. It's important, as an administrator, not to remain focused solely on the tasks in front of our noses. We also need to prepare for shifts in the business that may occur in the short or long-term future."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Manager interview

      "I set high goals for myself and my team and then work hard and smart to achieve them. I look at the overall business needs and align our department's goals to reach them. Then, I take into consideration the individual goals of our team members and account for them in our progress."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Marketing interview

      "It's important to have goals that focus on the client, the company, and the employee. I have set the following goals for my team: the number of happy clients, company profits, and employee professional growth. Each week I sit down one on one with my team members to determine what personal growth plan they are putting into motion. Every morning, I meet with the team to choose a client we can make the happiest that day. Then, we choose one activity that will add to our company's bottom line."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Retail interview

      "First and foremost, our sales goals are the most important. The next focus is repeat business and the tasks associated with acquiring and retaining these loyal customers, such as emails, calls, cards, and other touchpoints. Finally, development goals, which look different for each employee. Some are on track to become a manager or shift supervisor, while some are just using this as a job with hopes of doing something else eventually. Either way, I set personal metrics associated with their growth opportunities. These tasks could be anything from merchandising to scheduling or learning how to create the budget. We review each of these goals in a formal setting each month and quarter, with informal check-ins daily."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Sales interview

      "My sales team has different metrics they aim to hit daily, to meet their weekly and monthly targets. Those include calls made, talk time, and appointments set. Those are just the incremental goals to get us to our targets. As far as big picture goals, I set our financial targets for individuals and the team as a whole, growth goals to make up for any potential deficits in their current role or prepare them for the next role. Finally, I like to work with the team to come up with a personal goal they're working on, whether it is for proficiency with a particular product or talking point or public speaking, and do check-ins to see how their project is going."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Teacher interview

      "I set a variety of learning goals for myself and my students each week. Once I have outlined the learning focus, I will ask my students what they think we can accomplish in the week. They will usually surprise me and set ambitious goals, such as reading an entire book or memorizing their nine times tables. For myself, I love to read books on professional development for educators, so I will share my goal of reading three chapters per night, for instance. The students like to see that I have 'homework' too."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Advertising Manager interview

      "I put my team's goals into three categories. Financial goals, client acquisition goals, and personal growth goals. Financial goals focus on their monetary sales targets for the quarter. Client acquisition goals are the amount of new client relationships that they bring in. And personal growth goals focus on their own professional development. This can include taking a course or reading a new career related book."

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Sous Chef interview

      "A great example of goal setting would be when I decided to work a full time job while still attending culinary school. I set my mind to it and have never worked so hard for something. I graduated top of my class and never missed a day of work, at the same time!"

      Rachelle's Answer
       for a Athletic Director interview

      "While finishing my masters' degree in sports marketing, I vowed to graduate top of the class. Even though I was working full time while upgrading my degree, I managed to achieve this goal. I was very proud of this achievement."

      Anonymous Answer

      "I like to give my team small goals that they can complete in a short amount of time that will add up to a larger purpose. I find that this will keep more people motivated as they will continue to reach goals over and over, keeping them more engaged. As the leader of the team, I have to be more focused on the future and make sure what we are doing today will allow us to succeeded six months or a year down the road."

      Rachelle's Answer

      This is a fantastic approach to goal setting - well done! It seems you have a strong ability to look at the short and long-term picture simultaneously.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I like to set goals aligned with the company and department objective. My objective is to improve internal customer satisfaction, profitability improvement, and collaboration ( subgroup projects)."

      Rachelle's Answer

      These are great goals to have! Be sure that the points you mention align very well with the targets and/or pain points of the hiring company.

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