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What type of employees do you find difficult to manage?

Example #1
"I find it most challenging to lead individuals who are not self-motivated. As a manager, you can do everything in your power to ensure that someone is successful, but you cannot force them to want it."
Example #2
"I have come across administrators who are so disinterested in the job, company, or opportunity, that they'll continue to keep doing the bare minimum of satisfactory work. Those individuals are very challenging for me. At some point, they do eventually work themselves out of a job, but until then, it is difficult to manage."
Example #3
"Every employee brings their challenges and strengths to teams. It is difficult to manage associates who are disinterested or resistant to engagement with the team. Luckily I do not encounter this often. The people who I have led are motivated and hardworking."
Example #4
"While this is atypical in the marketing world, I find uninterested people difficult to manage. It's hard to have a collaborative, cohesive team if there's a sticky wheel that has no interest in collaboration or teamwork. When this happens, I try to get to know the person and understand what does make them tick, and how we can incorporate that into the team goals, so they become invested, too."
Example #5
"My biggest challenge is the employee who has no interest in being a team player. I can handle most any personality or quirk, but if you're not motivated to help the team for the greater good, this not only bothers me on a professional level, but also I find it quite hard to coach."
Example #6
"I feel as though I can adapt to most employees, but what challenges me is someone who is just looking to skate by with no real ambition. I do my best to find ways to motivate any and every employee. Even if they are not vying for the next promotion or to be a top salesperson, I feel there is some carrot I can put in front of their nose, whether it's a growth opportunity, a different department, or what have you. This approach works about 80% of the time for unmotivated employees."
Example #7
"The students who I find most challenging to lead are the ones who do not believe in themselves. They are often cynical about the work and their abilities which makes it a challenge to motivate. I will plant seeds of belief in them and along the way they usually come out of it and start to see how smart they are."
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