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What personality traits do you look for in people you are hiring?

Example #1
"When I am hiring I look for individuals with grit and drive. People who have a record of fighting through tough times, rather than giving up, tend to be the best employees. They are loyal and are willing to go the extra mile without being asked."
Example #2
"Administration is often a solo gig, but if you don't work together with other departments, share ideas, and support each other, you won't be as productive as you could be. For that reason, if I were hiring an administrative assistant, I would look for someone individually driven who is still passionate about teamwork."
Example #3
"I look at experience and qualifications but most of all, I seek relational competence. Someone who has the personality and fit to thrive in our fast-paced environment. When you have all of those things, you can truly fire on all cylinders."
Example #4
"I look for employees that are versatile and laid-back. For instance, someone you'd want to work with all day and then grab a drink with after work. That's the best employee in my opinion."
Example #5
"Especially in retail, it's important to have a few key characteristics such as being a people person, possessing an upbeat disposition, and hunger to go after something you want to achieve. If a candidate is determined, easy to hold a conversation with, and likable, they will succeed in most things."
Example #6
"When building a team, I look for passionate, dedicated employees who are competitive and driven both financially and by a pat on the back. These are incredibly important characteristics to have in sales. I also look for someone who knows how to get what they want without burning their team in the process, which is ever so important."
Example #7
"I have never been in a position of hiring teachers; however, I can tell you the characteristics I look for when I need to choose a substitute teacher. I look for someone reliable who communicates promptly and has the flexibility to connect with my students, no matter who they are. A teacher who can take direction but also fill in blanks on their own, when needed, is someone I would hire."
Example #8
"When hiring, I look at experience and employer loyalty, but most of all, I look for customer service competence. I also look for someone who has the personality and fit to thrive in a fast-paced food service environment. Could you share with me how may people you hire for this location, on average, every year?"
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