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What has made you ready for the responsibility of managing others?

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    What has made you ready for the responsibility of managing others?

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      The interviewer would like to know that you feel ready for the responsibility of management. Discuss the effort you have put in to prepare you for this management opportunity. There are a few ways that a hiring company can assess if you are ready to take on a management position, including:

      - You have a pattern of generating positive results for yourself, your team, and your employer.
      - Your work relationships are positive and generally conflict-free.
      - You know how to handle yourself professionally when conflict arises.
      - You enjoy teaching, coaching, and mentoring others.
      - You have taken the lead at work without being in an official leadership job title.
      - Co-workers often come to you for help and advice when they are facing a roadblock.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "First, I take continued education seriously and have spent the past eight months reading leadership books such as 'Good to Great' and 'Dare to Lead.' I recently completed an 8-week online leadership program through Oxford, which helped me develop a practical leadership framework. Even when I am not in an official leadership position, my co-workers come to me for advice and assistance. I thoroughly enjoy coaching others and leading my team members to success. I have never felt more ready to take on the responsibility of leading a team and am thankful for the opportunity to discuss this management opportunity with you today."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Admin Interview

      "I am confident and prepared to take on a management role. Over the past two years, I have trained numerous administrative assistants. My leaders often recognize my natural ability to guide others. They recently asked me to help our VP by training her new executive assistant on internal processes. I put a lot of pride in my work and train others to do the same."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Manager Interview

      "Quickly after joining my current company, I was promoted to Assistant Production Manager. I was identified as a high potential employee by my shift manager, and they put me on a career development plan to help me achieve my goal of becoming a manager. I took on challenging tasks and projects and continued my training by attending workshops and taking online courses to improve my leadership and communication skills. I have learned how to take constructive criticism and implement feedback, and I can do so for others. For four years, I have held this role in a high-stress manufacturing environment with a diverse range of team members who are motivated differently. I believe this experience uniquely equips me to excel in this Production Manager role, and I look forward to proving this at every opportunity."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Marketing Interview

      "I have eight years of experience working with a smaller marketing agency where instead of a traditional hierarchical environment, we all took accountability for the success of a project. This means managing my own time very carefully while also encouraging my co-workers to reach the finish line and deliver their best work. I stepped up as a leader every day, helping my co-workers solve problems and find answers to roadblocks they were facing. Now, I am ready to take on an official leadership position where I am responsible for my team's workflow, as well as motivating them to be as productive and creative as possible."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Retail Interview

      "I have worked in a retail environment since high school, totaling three years of experience in sales and service. Specifically, I have been an associate and a keyholder. I understand that Company ABC's shoe department is the second-largest department in the store. Before coming into my interview, I came here as a shopper and visited the shoe department to purchase a new pair of sneakers. It was clear that the department struggles with customer service. In my current role, although I did not hold an official management title, my managers saw me as a leader. They often put me to work mentoring other associates who needed motivation. I am prepared to come in as a manager, get to know the team, re-motivate them to be present at work, and boost the customer service experience."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Sales Interview

      "I have invested in my leadership skill set by immersing myself in continued training and education opportunities through EdX. Recently, I completed Foundational Principles of Leadership, a course offered by Harvard University. The curriculum focused on identifying and unpacking complex challenges, building relationships, and approaching conflict like a leader. Thanks to this coursework, I have the right foundation to take on my first management position. I applied to this position feeling highly equipped to take on the responsibility of leading people and projects."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Teacher Interview

      "For five years, I have successfully managed a classroom of 25 students in a public school setting, which has prepared me for the responsibility of managing a smaller, more hands-on classroom environment at Private School ABC. I have researched and learned many classroom management techniques from leading educators. These techniques include involving students in establishing guidelines rather than just telling them what they can and cannot do. I show mutual respect, and I offer praise often. I am confident in my ability to command attention in this highly discerning environment."

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      "My entire career has been working to solve customers' concerns, and in each new role, I have taken on more responsibility to challenge myself and grow as a leader. In these positions, I have worked on quality and process improvement. I oversaw technical support to over 7500 dealers and instilled a team attitude of doing what needs to be done to get the customer taken care of."

      Rachelle's Answer

      You make a fantastic case for this increase in responsibility. The specifics that you add will be incredibly helpful for the interviewer to understand the scope of your current responsibilities.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "• I have spent time practicing software such as Tableau and have worked in a wide range of environments from retail to technology, this has shaped me into a well-rounded person."

      Cindy's Answer

      Good. You're describing your preparation for the position and that's responsive to the question.

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