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What do you believe is the biggest challenge you will face in this management position?

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    What do you believe is the biggest challenge you will face in this management position?

      How to Answer

      Each new job you take will come with its own set of challenges. Even the most seasoned manager will face a unique set of challenges. The interviewer wants you to openly share what you believe will be the biggest initial challenge for you in this particular position.

      Draw from the job description and show that you have a solid understanding of the position requirements and the challenges you might face in this role. Customize your response to show that you understand the hiring company's needs. Discuss the most significant initial challenge you believe you will face. Then, focus on the actions you will take to meet these demands.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I realize that many teams see a slight decrease in performance after a change in management. My biggest initial challenge will be ensuring that we avoid a dip in productivity and team morale. To prevent this situation from occurring, I will get to know each team member and show that I value their contribution. I will ask questions like, 'What are your favorite things to work on?' and 'What have past leaders done that you want me to do, and don't want me to do?' or 'What do you do outside of work that is important to you?' These discovery questions will help me get to know the individual and understand how to motivate them to remain a productive part of the team as we face some change and transitions."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Admin Interview

      "You mentioned that the previous Administration Manager was not an effective communicator. For that reason, I believe the biggest challenge will be reframing communication expectations with the existing team. To overcome this situation, I will ask each team member how they prefer to receive communication, feedback, and praise. I understand that the best motivations come from a sense of achievement, knowing that they have valuable responsibilities and opportunities for advancement and growth in their work. By recognizing these needs right away, I believe I will overcome this challenge quickly."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Manager Interview

      "Now that I have met with your leadership team and explored the role in detail, I believe the biggest challenge for me will be creating a workflow structure that meets the vision you have for this new department. The work will be vast, and I am sure it will take me some time to perfect, which is why I have already begun to draft a roadmap for success. My greatest desire is that my new team immediately sees that I am invested in the vision, and they follow suit out of enthusiasm for these initiatives."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Marketing Interview

      "When it comes to leadership in marketing, I place a lot of focus on the rhythm of the workflow. The existing team and clients will be accustomed to a particular 'rhythm' on projects, and I will be careful to avoid disrupting that flow. Workflow disruption is always a risk when a new leader joins a team; however, I am cognizant of this issue and understand how to avoid significant consequences. Initially, I will be more of an observer of the workflow, client relationships, and how the team collaborates on projects. I will make notes and have meaningful conversations with the team members. Only after gaining a 360 view will I introduce any necessary changes to the departments' workflow, process, procedures, and expectations."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Retail Interview

      "I think the biggest challenge I will face initially is learning a new inventory management system. I have experience with ABC, and I understand you use XYZ. To meet this challenge, I have already started to watch online tutorials on the XYZ dashboard and am learning how to generate critical reports. Challenges aside, I'm excited to enter a new team environment, and I look forward to deepening my understanding of company processes."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Sales Interview

      "I believe the biggest challenge I will face coming into this position is getting the team on board with a change in management. Leadership change, when introduced for positive reasons, is something employees should be excited about. However, I know team members are often resistant to new leaders and organizational change. I look forward to tackling this challenge by getting to know the team members on a deeper level. Before making changes, I plan to gather input on how we can maximize productivity and job satisfaction. I know how important it is to gain buy-in, so one of the first questions I will ask each team member is, 'What are your career goals, and where are you in achieving these goals?' By showing an interest in their growth, I believe most team members will open up to me. From that connection, I can learn how to nurture the individual and ensure the organization is leaning on their most notable strengths."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Teacher Interview

      "The greatest challenge for me when working with a new group of students is to gain the trust of each student. Kids do not always embrace change, especially if my purpose is to replace a favorite teacher who might be retiring or going on temporary leave. To help the students feel more comfortable with change, I will get to know what they like and dislike and let their unique needs and individual personalities shine. I look forward to earning the trust of this group."

      Ryan's Answer for a Property Manager Interview

      "In a recent project I spearheaded, the main challenge was learning how to communicate effectively with all the different people on the team and understanding what motivated them to do a great job. For this project, we were planning and executing a welcome event for the students in one of our residential properties at the start of the school year.
      In order to keep communication clear, I communicated through the supervisor of the building in some instances, who was best-equipped to motivate his team members. After all, he saw them on a daily basis and was responsible for their performance. So, I set very clear expectations of what needed to be done, with a specific deadline, and at what standards of quality. If we weren't meeting the standards that we agreed upon, then I would coach the supervisor in leadership and help him or her get the best out of his team.
      In other instances, I communicated directly with the employees who worked most with this property. It wasn't so different from communicating with a supervisor. I made sure to set clear expectations and help them remove any obstacles. I measured their performance and mentored them to accomplish each task. In the end, due to my leadership and the relationships I'd built with the team, we pulled off a very successful and well-attended event to welcome students back to campus."

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      "The biggest challenge I will have in this role is learning all the different products that we are servicing. In my spare time, I have been getting myself familiar with all the different parts of the instruments division. Once in this role, I would like to spend time with people on the phones so that I can learn more from the experts."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Fantastic work; getting yourself prepared ahead of time. This initiative should be well-received by the hiring authorities.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "transparent and approachable"

      Marcie's Answer

      It's true that you'll want to be transparent and approachable as a leader, but to improve your answer here consider explaining why you feel this will be the biggest challenge you face. Support your assertions. Other challenges that a manager might face that you could also discuss here include dealing with lackluster employee performance, being understaffed, lacking effective team communication and/or cohesiveness, and struggling with laying off employees.

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