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Answering Management Questions

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Have you ever had to fire an employee? What were the reasons for their termination?

Example #1
"I have had to terminate employees in the past, yes. These terminations stemmed from missed targets or insubordination. I find it challenging to terminate employees because I do care about them and their well being. I have to remind myself that I did absolutely everything that I could to ensure their success but, I cannot carry the full weight."
Example #2
"I have had to let go of a couple of part-time administrative assistants. While it's certainly not my favorite task, I feel confident in my abilities to identify a low performer and work to coach up or out, and terminate as necessary."
Example #3
"Unfortunately, terminating employees is a part of wearing your management hat. I recently had to separate employment with someone who was under-performing. We coached them, offered additional learning experiences and worked with them on a performance improvement plan. It was the right person in the wrong role, and we had to decide to move forward."
Example #4
"There have been several occasions when I have had to terminate an employee, which weighs on me since I don't want to see anyone fail or be in a financial predicament. However, since I have spent so much time with my team and working on coaching them, I will remind myself that I did as much as I could do and the rest was up to them. They chose not to work to improve, so I did what was best for the rest of the team and the company at large."
Example #5
"I have been a part of a team that chooses when an employee is going to be terminated, which is not enjoyable but necessary. I always take the approach of coaching up or out for an employee, so it's evident for a while if someone is going to end up being coached out. More often than not, that employee recognizes that it is a poor fit and leaves on his or her own accord."
Example #6
"I have, unfortunately, had to let an employee or two go in the past. I have always done the best that I can to help coach an employee. I create a plan to help get them on track, provide them with any training or additional resources they may need to achieve at the level we expect and have frequent check-ins with them. However, sometimes we still have to go our separate ways. I am always sure that it's not a surprise to that employee since we go through a coaching process to get them up to their targets."
Example #7
"I have never had to expel a student, and I am thankful for that. If I have a student on the verge of expulsion I will coach them heavily, and get their parents and the principal involved."
Example #8
"Unfortunately, terminating employees is a part of being a manager. I recently had to separate employment with someone who was under-performing. I spent ample time coaching them. I offered additional training and worked with them on a performance improvement plan. When those efforts failed, I made sure to document everything so that I could make a clean termination when the time came."
Example #9
"I have worked with employees on performance plans when they are under-performing but have not directly terminated anyone. This task is left to our regional manager who ensures that all of our human resource policies are followed to a tee. I am confident that I can successfully follow through on terminations while keeping HR policies top of mind."
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