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As a manager, who has been your greatest influence?

Example #1
"The greatest influence in my career has been one of my Professors from University. Mr. Smith was my professor in Business Ethics, and I connected well with his teaching style. Even after graduating University, we kept in touch, and he has greatly influenced my coaching, teaching, and leadership style."
Example #2
"The greatest influence in my career is the executive whom I support. He gave me a chance when I had minimal administrative experience and had come fresh out of school. I have worked very hard for him over the years, and in turn, he has taught me a great deal about business."
Example #3
"The first CEO I reported to has been a tremendous influence on my career. That person helped shape my work ethic and passion for business early on, which has helped me become a better business partner along the way in my career. I wish to be someone who is fair, demanding and supportive. Someone who cares about the customers and cares about our people."
Example #4
"The greatest influence in my career as a marketer, and a manager has to be Gary Vaynerchuk. He was one of the earliest adopters of social media and has helped millions of people like me, who want to stand out in the marketplace. I admire his approach."
Example #5
"My second manager out of college, John, was my first and most influential mentor. I learned more from him about the industry, how to manage a diverse set of personalities, and how to coach, all while maintaining a professional level of friendship and rapport with employees. Even though I left that job, and company, over three years ago, I still joke that I follow the "What Would John Do?" school of thought for many of my tough decisions. We still keep in touch, for which I am grateful."
Example #6
"I would say the biggest influence on how I manage would be my mom. She has been the leader of our household- taking charge of any and all projects by the horn, delegating tasks in our home like a pro. At the same time she delegates as appropriate, leads with compassion and kindness, and expects us to all rise to the occasion and do our best. This method is the way in which I've chosen to lead my teams: with high expectations, kindness, and a desire to help everyone do their best."
Example #7
"As a teacher and a learning leader, my greatest influence have been the teachers that I have had along the way. The good, and the bad! As an educator, I truly learn and develop by observing those around me and taking note of what I like, and what I do not like."
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