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When have you had to lead by example?
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My manager had to leave early .. There was a corporate event .. I had to greet and welcome foreign guests and delegates.
During an instance of low morale within my division, I took the lead on identifying the ways in which to improve our conditions immediately and what the overall decisions would do for our ability to boost morale and move forward positively.
Out come was slow and steady ended up perfect.
I volunteered to be the presiding officer during a district meeting in a volunteer organization that I'm a member of. The result were rewarding, I received several compliments on how well I followed protocol in organizing and conducting the meeting. This was my first experience presiding on a large scale.
This is my mantra. I believe that we should never ask someone to do something that we are not willing to do ourselves.
My job as Recruitment Coordinator was all about leading by example.I modeled for my students what an effective admission representative was. For many of my workers, I was a peer, so leading by example was how I gained their respect.
Every day I shown up in the positive outgoing attitude.
In conflict situations - lead by example by remaining calm.
When lot of young kids come in dining room and make noise and mess allover then I went to dining room sit next to them watch them what they do and make one of them leader and told them who will clean up before go I will treat them with frosty and after that when they come they behave.
2 hours ago and the result was accordingly.