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When have you had to lead by example?

9 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to know that you are aware of the need to always lead by example. Your answer should be, 'All the time!'

As a leader, your actions, decisions, and demeanor are always under some form of scrutiny. The most stressful workplace situations often surround change, so it's a great idea to talk about a time when your organization went through a significant change. A transition can be very challenging for some people. Discuss how you accept change with a positive attitude.

Perhaps a new software system was being implemented. Maybe your company was being acquired. Perhaps a change occurred in your senior leadership. Talk about how quickly your team could have leaned towards negativity by becoming unmotivated or acting fearful of the change. Highlight that you have genuine excitement surrounding the possibilities that come with change and that this excitement rubs off on your team.

When have you had to lead by example?
Answer example

"I lead by example every moment of every day! My sales team keeps a close eye on my actions and, in our industry, it is very easy to over-dramatize situations. Last year our company merged with a competitor, and there was the talk of pending layoffs. Rather than show my stress, I encouraged my team to try harder than ever. I suggested that we show our corporate office exactly what we can do! We ended up being the number one sales team in our region which resulted in zero layoffs for our team."


"In my current role, I manage a front desk with a great deal of foot traffic. I choose always to have a smile on my face, make eye contact, and show my excitement for the company for which I work. There are always eyes on me, and I need to lead with positivity."


"I was a plant manager for Company XYZ when they announced they were closing their doors. By not allowing myself to display frustration, I was able to retain 89% of my staff during the transition. I feel that my positive attitude helped others to feel hopeful."


"I think you're always showing who you are and either demonstrating your leadership qualities or lack thereof. That's why I believe it's so important always to act as though someone is watching. As a parent, that's something that is always a possibility, and in the workplace, it's just as important to be on your best behavior. You never know who is watching or listening and you can either make or break your career with your actions."


"I often lead by example when it comes to mandatory overtime. I work in an order-driven environment and sometimes we have to work late to get the job done. I don't let my peers see me get upset at last minute announcements."


"I believe I am always leading by example. For instance, I am either on time (ideally early), dressed for the part (or better), and prepared, or you're not. One critical moment when my leadership capabilities are displayed is in meetings. I am attentive and ready to participate."


"These days, students come to class with their phones and are either scrolling, or at the minimum, they're out on the table. I prefer to put my phone away and have a notebook and pen out instead. This way, it's clear that I'm on task. No one knows what you're doing on your phone- it could be 100% work related, but it looks like you're texting. I teach my students to remain engaged."

Abdominal Sonographer

"All the time!"

Addiction Nurse

"I lead by example every moment of every day! My nursing team keeps a close eye on my actions and, in our industry, it is very easy to over-dramatize situations. I think you're always showing who you are and either demonstrating your leadership qualities or lack thereof. That's why I believe it's so important to always act as though someone is watching."

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When have you had to lead by example?
My manager had to leave early .. There was a corporate event .. I had to greet and welcome foreign guests and delegates.
During an instance of low morale within my division, I took the lead on identifying the ways in which to improve our conditions immediately and what the overall decisions would do for our ability to boost morale and move forward positively.
Out come was slow and steady ended up perfect.
I volunteered to be the presiding officer during a district meeting in a volunteer organization that I'm a member of. The result were rewarding, I received several compliments on how well I followed protocol in organizing and conducting the meeting. This was my first experience presiding on a large scale.
This is my mantra. I believe that we should never ask someone to do something that we are not willing to do ourselves.
My job as Recruitment Coordinator was all about leading by example.I modeled for my students what an effective admission representative was. For many of my workers, I was a peer, so leading by example was how I gained their respect.
Every day I shown up in the positive outgoing attitude.
In conflict situations - lead by example by remaining calm.
When lot of young kids come in dining room and make noise and mess allover then I went to dining room sit next to them watch them what they do and make one of them leader and told them who will clean up before go I will treat them with frosty and after that when they come they behave.
2 hours ago and the result was accordingly.
I alway try to lead by example. I never expect my staff to do anything that I would not do.
As an assistant manager, I had to show the store manager how to take inititave and take charge of the associates by not tolerating coming into work under the influence, tardiness, or excessive use of mobie devices. We are working on it.
Restricted receiving racking.
Explaining employee how to complete new task which never done before by exampling similar jobs done before by other stores or employee. Result was very positive.
I have to take the lead in crisis and make appropriate calls and referrals as needed to resolve the situation.
Today, in a meeting a parent was becoming increasingly upset. I acknowledged her apparent tension and was able to diffuse a negative situation. We were able to reach agreement in deciding what the child needed to be successful in school.
I had to model literacy strategies for teachers. They were not on side before this, and came to understand why it was best practice.
I always find that leading by example gets the best results. I believe that it is difficult to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself. I cover classes, I offer to help others with their work when mine is done, I coach, I am diligently in the halls before, during breaks and after school, I model new initiatives so that others can see me putting them into action... And so many others. This is one of my core beliefs about good and effective leadership.
Last week. The results was excellent.
Educating my team about communication with referral sources. Your approach and communication will initiate the direction of the conversation.
Getting new deals - lead by example to show how consistently someone can make daily calls of atleast 3 numbers minimum.
Had to lead a team with a project and the results was good and the end.
In my ex-work my leader give some take responsibility about lead some wockers from another department and I will do that so good.

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